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  1. Won't retrieve discs at the dog park

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We have a seven-month-old Australian Shepherd/Poodle mix (F1) and things are going great. She needs a ton of exercise, so I take her to the dog park nearly everyday, sometimes twice. As long as I do this, she is a breeze to train. One thing is confounding me though. I have a personal goal of...
  2. Abigail - border collie that changed my life

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    My lovely Abigail :) She help me and gave me my hope anew and shown me a new great thing: dog training! We hope you'll like it ! :)
  3. Playing Fetch...Without the Fetch

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My two Miniature Schnauzers both love chasing after a toy. They'll pick it up, shake it a few times, and then run off in the opposite direction, never once bringing the toy back to me, despite my numerous attempts to call their names and lure them with treats. It makes playing frisbee a bit of...
  4. Maverick

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hi everyone, I made the intro thread in the appropriate section, but thought I would add some pics here as well! First day home: A bit fuzzy, sorry: Getting bigger: 1 year old: Action Shots:
  5. For all the small dogs out there!

    General Dog Discussion
    Just me showing off my awesome little Boston Terrier playing frisbee. I had fun editing it and playing around with iMovie. Any of you with small dogs know what I mean when I say people underestimate them!