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  1. Craziest dream (or dreams) you've EVER had!

    Off Topic Discussion
    Ok, so I NEVER have any dreams that make sense! They're always so weird and crazy and totally random! Anyone else have these kind of dreams? Please, please share some or your CRAZIEST dreams (if you want, that is). I always am interested to know the types of weird dreams people have. Here was my...
  2. Interspecies friendships

    Off Topic Discussion
    I always find interspecies friendship interesting. I just saw this one, which I hadn't seen before:
  3. Who are you?

    Off Topic Discussion
    Hey I hope many of you are hearing "The Who" Who are you song with me now... Wait I just gave away my aged didn’t I" It’s the CSI theme song from CSI Miami I believe... Anyway, on other boards I belong to, an intro is nice, but knowing who others are is better. As one of the other boards I am...