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frequent urination

  1. My new dog seems to need to pee/poo alot. Should I worry?

    Dog Health
    So I got my 8 month old yorkie/maltese mix about 3 weeks ago and he definitely did not come housebroken. At the beginning I took him out about 7-8 times a day in order to avoid accidents in my apartment, but I live in a high rise and it takes up to 10 mins to get the leash on him and get him...
  2. New Puppy urination and stoll problems or just normal?

    Dog Health
    Hi there, We took in a 3 month male lab/heeler mix. Its been a while since we had a puppy. Took him into the vet's about a month ago and he received all his new puppy shots and they dewormed him because he had worms. He is doing great now. He just has been drinking a ton of water and urinating...