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  1. Sonic's Pre-Agilty/Video Wobble board

    Dog Performance Sports
    Here he is. The board is a plywood board placed on top of plywood, so it spins, wobbles and bangs. Hoping it prepares him for the obstacles; at any rate, it should give him more confidence on hiking trail structures, etc... I'm freeshaping/rewarding any engagement with the board, and changes...
  2. 101 things to do with a box fail

    Dog Training and Behavior
    1st, some history. Sonic spent 1.5 yrs in the Dominican Republic as a pet dog to refugees. I doubt they had time or means to train or learn about training, so he would have learned from 'the school of hard knocks', with wrong equalling hit, or kicked, or 'uh uh'd' or whatever from mild to...
  3. Free Shaping Question

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello again! I have yet another question... Bree and I are new to the clicker training concept (she's around 5 yrs old and I've had her since Jan. 20th!), and we are working on "settle", which I define as "lay on your side with your head down". Kinda like play dead, but without rolling onto...