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  1. Help! My puppie's leg has a problem.

    Dog Health
    Hello, thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am the owner of a two-months-old cane corso who, after jumping off my bed, hurted her paw. Although I cant describe it accurately, I do have clear pictures of it, which are attached to this post. Unfortunately, because of the quarantine, I...
  2. Sherry - 18yrs Old Pomeranian

    New Additions
    Hello Members, I would like to share a little about my dog she is almost 18 years old Pomeranian and got 3 fractures on her rear leg and the main problem is her hip joint cracks. I examine with the Vet and urge the medicine for her, but I am not sure how many days she has to suffer from the pain...
  3. 4 month Labrador fractured tip of elbow - HELP!

    Dog Health
    My 4-month-old Labrador recently fractured the tip of his ulna -front right leg- (basically his elbow tip). His actual radius and ulna bone is fine other than the tip of his ulna. We took him to the vet and they said he might heal on his own in a splint, but the chances are slim. They recommend...
  4. Are my puppy's legs fractured?

    Dog Health
    Hi guys! I have a 15 week old male puppy. He is a Pug cross Tibetan Spaniel. Recently, he has been sitting in a weird positions and his legs look weird and bent too. He can walk and run fine though. He jumped out of my arms when I was standing but he did not seem to be in pain. help - are my...
  5. dog after fracture

    Dog Health
    Hi. I just consulted my dog's vet. We finally determined that he fractured his hind leg due to a fall. He prescribed meds 4 the pain although my dog didn't whine. His lack of response to pain made me misjudge the calll to bring his to the vet as i thought it was a sprain. Anyway, is there...