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  1. Will a non-litter trained puppy de-litter train an adult dog?

    So I am wanting to foster puppies, and I mentioned it to my non-dog loving mom. She is worried about the potty training part, but I said I would clean all the messes (we have wood floors in case that's important). She then went on to say that if the puppy has accidents inside, our other two...
  2. Fostering for 2 Weeks

    New Additions
    The local shelter where I've volunteered (on the cat side) and also have adopted from (cats) is looking for Holiday fosters. The idea is that all the pets -- cats and dogs -- that normallly live at the shelter are placed in foster homes from 12/22-1/3 so that all the volunteers who normally take...
  3. Help: Fostering But Anxious About Adopting

    New Additions
    I don't have anyone to talk to so here I am. :o I'm doing a week long medical foster with a dog - she was a stray with a cold when she came to the animal shelter. She'll be done with her medicine today so tomorrow, I'll either have to adopt her or give her back to the animal shelter. About...
  4. Hoping to foster- I have questions.

    General Dog Discussion
    In the next couple months I'll be moving to a bigger place and am hoping to foster dogs for one of the local rescue groups(or maybe for a few of them if that's allowed :)). It'll probably be puppies and seniors. I have lots of questions. Is there anything that you were surprised about when you...