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  1. Foster dog barks from living room when we go to other room

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We are fostering a dog, have had him for about 3 weeks and the last few nights he's started barking from the living room when we go to bed. It's been really affecting our sleep. I don't know what to do because all my research says to wait for him to stop barking then reward him, but he stops...
  2. New dog coming on Wed - help me prepare!

    New Additions
    Well, I am getting a foster dog on Wednesday! She's an approximately 15 month old Rotti/Spaniel mix and will be staying with me while she undergoes heartworm treatment. So my question for you experienced dog owners is what do I need to do before I bring Clove home on Wednesday? I already...
  3. My Foster dog won't go to the bathroom

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have recently become the Foster home for a female 8 month retriever mix named Nomad. I do not know her full story, but most of her issues are things that I can help her with. The one thing I would like some advice on is her issue with eliminating. She won't do it, she will hold it in until...