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  1. What human foods can dogs eat? I built a food checker for you.

    Dog Food
    I’m a proud owner of two dogs (a pudel and a vizsla) and I want to make sure that I feed them properly to keep them healthy. But my parents usually feed them with crap from the table. :confused: To prevent this, I did some research on human foods and built a website that checks if a given food...
  2. Pomsky Puppy very picky with food.

    Dog Food
    Hey Everybody! Just a week ago, I adopted my Pomsky Moe! Since I adopted him, I have tried so many different kinds of dog food (including the type his breeder fed him), and he still hardly eats. The only thing he likes is just plain non seasoned baked chicken, which unfortunately appears to give...
  3. American Journey kibble

    Dog Food
    I actually went through the rigamarole of joining this forum to respond to someone with questions about this brand of dog food, and now I can't find that thread. So I will just say that my dog (mixed breed, rescue, female, 4 years old, 30 lbs, moderately active, and utterly adorable) LOVES...
  4. Greain-Free Sugestions

    Dog Food
    I recently adopted my Trucker, a Redbone Coonhound, and was told that I should feed him grain-free food and treats as much as possible to avoid yeast infections in his ears. I haven't found a ton of Grain-Free treats and I am currently feeding him Simple Grain-Free food. Does anyone have...
  5. New puppy on the way with fleas and worms. What should I do

    Puppy Help
    I have a puppy coming on September 19 if all goes well. I recently moved out of my parents house and I'm really excited to raise a new puppy the way I want to. I've ha the same dog since I was a little girl and she doesn't do much more than go potty and sleep.The puppy I'm getting is a mutt his...