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food aversion

  1. Dog suddenly fussy over food

    Dog Food
    Hi All, Bit of an explanation - we have 2 rescues, females, one a 30lb beagle mix (5 years, Daphne), one a 75lb shepherd/staff mix (4.5 years, Delilah), had both since the were pups. They get on ok, but noone could ever describe them as best friends. The beagle has a Napoleon complex and the...
  2. Dog won't eat--not sick, purely behavioral!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, first time poster. I'm a vet tech with a 12 pound mutt that everyone swears up and down is an Italian greyhound (he is most definitely not. Probably toy fox terrier and chihuahua). He's a "special" child. He tries very hard and is actually kind of smart but learns very slowly. It...
  3. Dog Eats Dinner When It's Served As A Treat

    Dog Training and Behavior
    This is my second post, but I've been a huge fan of these forums and the people on them - you guys give excellent advice, and have given me a ton of great advice on training my 1.5 year old Jack Russell/Beagle rescue (his name is Burly). Here's a new question: We've had Burly for about 2 months...