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  1. Pomsky Puppy very picky with food.

    Dog Food
    Hey Everybody! Just a week ago, I adopted my Pomsky Moe! Since I adopted him, I have tried so many different kinds of dog food (including the type his breeder fed him), and he still hardly eats. The only thing he likes is just plain non seasoned baked chicken, which unfortunately appears to give...
  2. Food/Treats for Sensitive Tummies

    Dog Food
    Hey guys, Looking for some low-fat, moderate protein treats to either buy or make. I've made tuna and beef liver treats. I also use low fat mozzarella cheese and turkey dogs for higher value treats. I've heard cottage cheese is a good cheese to use in making treats. I currently feed Merrick...
  3. Loose stool after sickness

    Dog Health
    I am the proud papa of an 11 month old pit bull/boxer. Since the day I got him at the Humane Society I have fed him Hill's Science Diet: Advanced Fitness dog food (what he was being fed at the Humane Society). After consulting with my vet I decided to leave him on the Science Diet since he...
  4. Food Adjustment, GI Sensitivity (due to parvo?)

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone, I wonder if you guys can help me figure out what's best for our puppy. Our puppy is around 3~4 months old right now, and we've adopted him from a shelter a month ago. Before that, he got parvo but survived through it, that he was very thin and was recovering from it when he came...