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  1. Dog Performance Sports
    Hello all, I have a 12 weeks Aussie/border collie mix. We are doing basic obedience and it’s going well. I can tell he’s going to need a job and as Indianapolis hosts the flyball champs every year, I’d love to get him involved. I am having trouble finding much info on getting into the sport. Any...
  2. Dog Performance Sports
    :D Hello forum, I was wondering if there were any members on here that have a Pomeranian, and if so, if they do any dog sports with them? I'm planning on getting Wolfie involved in AKC obedience (my goal is to pass CGC in March, unless he's ready for it much earlier), but I would also like to...
  3. Dog Performance Sports
    In comparison to a full day of agility, how physically demanding is flyball? More, less, the same? I have a 7 year old Border Collie that has no problem after a weekend of agility, but I'm still a bit hesitant with flyball. During a normal weekend how many passes would a dog usually do? I've...
  4. Dog Performance Sports
    6 weeks beginners flyball course run by Allstars Flyball Team For full information and application please see Thanks
  5. Dog Performance Sports
    Okay, so I want to go to a camp this summer that is mainly focused on dogs. Preferably agility, flyball, and rally. However, tracking might be nice too. I know there are some overnight weeklong camps out there becuase I have found them online before but I just can find them now!! :mad: I have...
1-5 of 5 Results