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  1. Are products with peppermint harmful?

    Dog Grooming
    Everything I’ve read says that peppermint is toxic for dogs.... but I have a flea and tick spray made for dogs that contains peppermint. So if everything is saying peppermint is toxic, why would it be put into a product made for pets? Should I stop using it? And in that case what is the best...
  2. Horrible Reaction to Flea Treatment?

    Dog Health
    BREED: Short Haired Toy Chihuahua AGE: 12 Last night I squirted a flea treatment onto him, the kind you rub between shoulder blades. I'm not sure of the brand, but it might have been Front Line. About 2 hours later he started yelping at the top of his lungs out of nowhere. Then he freaked out...
  3. Dog is growling and snapping at tail randomly.

    Dog Health
    My dog randomly starts growling and snapping at his tail angrily and this state will last for about 3 seconds when he returns back to normal. During this time he barks and sometimes makes like a yelping noise. I think something is hurting him. He will just be sitting there on the carpet and...
  4. Are dog flea collars bad for dogs?

    Dog Health
    Hello, I have recently bought a flea collar for my year old Miniature Schnauzer and from my searches on the internet, it seems that flea collars do more harm than good. The active ingredient is propoxur (10%) and flumethrine (2.25%), according to the box it came with. I haven't clipped it on my...
  5. Fleas, mites and other parasites

    Dog Health
    Hello dear friends, if someone knows a dog owner whos dog has fleas or mites and who would like to test a 100% natural product, please let me know (simply send a short message). A friend of mine is working on the development of a new product on a 100% natural basis, which is totally effective...
  6. Extra Dose of Frontline Plus Topical

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone! Yesterday I adopted a 1 year old german shepherd mix. I'm not sure if he received a dose of Frontline at the shelter he was adopted from. There was no info about it on the adoption papers and when I called the shelter they didn't know if he had been treated with Frontline there...
  7. Do You Know About Nexgard

    Dog Health
    We just lost two of our beloved Rat Terriers, one to liver cancer and, two months later, one to multiple organ failure due to old age. Now we have a little adoptee, Bonnie, one year old, very active, 12 pound Rattie, who was on Nexgard when she arrived. When the month was up, I gave her a...
  8. Could my dog have fleas or allergies? Constantly scratching & biting

    Dog Health
    Please bare with me as this post might be quite long! I just want to include as much info as possible. So I recently adopted my dog 2 months ago and for the first few weeks he was okay and rarely scratching but he was licking his paws and legs. Since the beginning of August he has been...
  9. My New Puppy is not a Pesticide!

    New Additions
    We just adopted a beautiful, healthy, jet black lab - border collie mix from our local pound. We took Bear to the vet for his checkup and worm check. In the five minute visit, which cost $72 (stool check and checkup) we were given brochure for chipping, lyme disease vaccine, pet insurance and...
  10. Self-Injurious Behavior due to Fleas

    Dog Health
    **My boyfriend and I have 2 dogs, and all of the activities described below have been done at the same time with both dogs to make things more effective. My dog has terrible self-injurious behavior due to the fleas she has. We have tried EVERYTHING under the sun to rid her of them. However...
  11. I think my dog may have serious allergies

    Dog Health
    The last three times I bathed my dog she broke out in hives. The first time I used a oatmeal/baking soda conditioner sample I got at Petsmart. The second time I used just oatmeal and water in attempt to soothe the hives but she broke out again. The third time I used flea shampoo (we have been...
  12. Never Ending Fleas

    Dog Health
    I live in South Florida on an island, and I'm dealing with a flea problem for over 2 years now. It's not just me either, its the majority of the Island, and no ones talking about it. We don't get cold enough to kill larvae or kill off a good percent of any bug population this far south, and the...
  13. Obsessive ear scratching

    Dog Health
    Hello people, dogs and everyone else. I have a problem and I really don't know what to do anymore, I'm on the edge. I got myself a 8 weeks old frenchie and the day we got him he got a cough, obviously we rushed the vet after few days and they gave him antibiotics, since they said its most likely...
  14. Fleas or not fleas

    Dog Health
    Good day to everyone! Been a while since I have been on the forums. Lot of things has happened since my last time here. Two big things that have happened: we moved to a different state and we are pregnant! I am due on Feb.11 and excited as ever (its our first). That is not the reason why I am...

    Dog Health
    Hi guys and girls I'd really appreciate a bit of help. I found what I thought were ticks on my dogs neck on thursday and got a bottle of Frontline spray to treat it with and they were supposed to just fall off and it doesn't seem to have worked. I'm not if they are ticks or what they are at all?
  16. Can I apply flea product sooner than 30 days?

    Dog Health
    Hi, I have a Maltipoo 12 pounds I treated her with Frontline Plus 2 weeks ago and she is infested with fleas again. I understand from some online research that fleas are immune to some of these products in different parts of the country, I am in San Diego, CA. I have ordered BioSpot, another...
  17. My dog has itchy bald area- pics inc

    Dog Health
    Hi there, I've had my 11 month old kelpie cross for two weeks now and a couple of days after getting him I noticed an area on his hind leg that was bald and itchy, after asking the previous owner about it he suggested it was either fleas or mites from her wombats, she sent me treatment which I...
  18. Does anyone use diatomaceous earth?

    Dog Health
    Does it work as well as flea preventatives such as Revolution or Comfortis? Has anyone used DE soap before?
  19. Too much flea treatment??

    Dog Health
    The other day I gave my dog a topical flea treatment because the Sentinel spectrum I had ordered was still MIA. The spectrum arrived today and i want to give it to him because I am putting him in a kennel for a week, but I'm not sure if this would be too much flea treatment and make him sick...
  20. New puppy mom here, dog has fleas, need help!

    Dog Health
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I'm really seeking some assistance for treating my dog with fleas. I have an 8-month old pomeranian/chihuahua/beagle mix, who apparently has fleas. He sleeps in my bed (I know poor planning and he is spoiled) and I ended up getting bit on my ankle the other night...