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  1. Please help!!!

    Dog Health
    About a year ago my dog was scratching himself repeatedly and a bump had formed on his back near his tail. I made this problem known to my parents and they ended up taking him to the vet while I was at school. After they took him there the vet concluded that he was having an allergic reaction to...
  2. What is the best flea/tick prevention for a sensitive pup?

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone! I am Jenny and I have an adorable 3 year old, 5 pound, morkie, named Manning. We relocated to New England and have heard the tick issue has been on the rise, so i have been more concerned about him getting a tick bite. I hope you have time for a story! lol My pup has quite a bit...
  3. How to find a safe online pharmacy?

    Dog Health
    Hi, I just joined the forums and tried searching for this info but could't find it. Please feel free to point me to threads if you know they already exist! I have a 5mo border collie/lab mix and we're getting her started on her routine medical care. The vet recommended a monthly heartworm and...
  4. Please help me with flea control! Nexgard, Comfortis or Revolution??

    Dog Health
    My 4 year old Labrador has fleas. Ive been using Advantage II along with capstar for the past month but my poor lab is still scratching like mad and cant seem to nix the problem. It seems as if the advantage isn't working for me very well this year. I'm thinking of switching and was wondering if...
  5. External parasites and their treatments

    Dog Health
    WHAT IS A PARASITE? External parasites are pretty common among dogs. A parasite is an organism that lives off the resources your dog has to offer: namely, fresh blood (which most parasites drink) and a warm place to stay (in and on the skin and fur). What are the common parasites that might...
  6. Has anyone tried amber for tick protection?

    Dog Health
    Hello guys, after finding first tick this year I've been searching for alternative tick protection for my 5mo chocolate lab and found this on indiegogo: Has any of you tried amber collars before? How well do they...
  7. What flea/Tick Dewormer do you use?

    Dog Health
    Getting a new puppy in November(9 weeks old) and not sure what to use to prevent fleas and ticks and heartworm and other parasites. My cats are on revolution which I love because it does EVERYTHING but the dog version doesn't deworm.. K9 advantix 2 seams really good for fleas ticks etc but I...
  8. Shih Tzu Puppy w/ Confusing Symptoms

    Dog Health
    I'm new to the forum but so glad I've found it. I really need help! I'm so sorry this is so long but felt you need all the info ... thank you for reading it all! I have an 11 mo. old male puppy (Gizzy) that was added to our family at 4 mo. old. He is so sweet and very intelligent. Head...
  9. Pancreatic cancer from flea medication?

    Dog Health
    Hi Everybody, Over ten years ago I owned a Papillon who very very sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer at only 6 years old. Initial research indicated there is no known cause for pancreatic cancer, but that it mainly affects older dogs. Since then I have experienced a lot of guilt and...
  10. How to use a flea repellent powder on my puppy

    Dog Health
    My puppy is 2 months old and was vaccinated with the first rabies vaccination today. And I informed the problem with fleas on my puppy to the vet and she game me a flea repellent powder and said to put it on the coat of my puppy and comb. But the instructions in the bottle says it is not good to...
  11. 2 in 1 worm and flea treatment better?

    Dog Health
    I have a small dog that weighs up to 10kg, we are using Frontline right now. And it seems to be working perfectly well. Except we are missing the worm treatment. What kind of worm treatment would you guys recommend? I have been using Total Care ever since last year. But I have stopped since I...
  12. HELP! Crusty scabs on lower back

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone, our dog Ollie is a 4 year old golden retriever. We suddenly found a lot of scabs covering 1/3 of his back, the hind part. It's crusty and if you try to peel it off it has a red, raw looking spot underneath. He has fleas 6 months ago and has been treated with drops each month. The...
  13. possible case of flea allergy dermatitis - no visible fleas

    Dog Health
    I believe my 2 year old Cairn Terrier may be suffering from a case of flea allergy dermatitis, or hypersensitivity to flea bites. We experienced a case of fleas 4 months ago and since then, we've had her on Advantage which works well. In the past two weeks, she's been scratching a lot and...
  14. Natural home remedies for fleas?

    Dog Health
    Hi all I have a Belgian shepherd that has many fleas. I'm afraid to use any collar / shampoo / medicine as a treatment since I'm not a big fan of chemicals on my dog. For me it's like poisoning my own dog. I also have to mention that even if I wanted to get those chemicals, it's soooo...
  15. Are these fleas?

    General Dog Discussion
    I rescued a dog several months ago, and I have never had a dog before. I have seen one flea on our bathroom floor, but none of her. I don't know if this is flea dirt or not because she has had it literally since we got her. If anyone can give me any guidance on this, I would really appreciate...
  16. Flea problem... Can fleas stay dormant in my room for an year and then hatch in sprin

    Dog Health
    So, for the last 4-5 years i have been dealing with fleas in my home every spring. I live in a flat in town. Every time it happens i place a bowl with detergent on the floor in my room at night and leave it with a lamp on to attract the fleas with light. After days, or better yet, weeks, of...
  17. Trifexis- made my dog very sick

    Dog Health
    We tried Trifexis for 2 months, and each time for about a week afterwords our dog was sick. Just couldn't keep food down... has anyone else had issues with this med?
  18. Possible allergies? Sore red bites on dog's neck

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone, I'm new here, but I'm trying to get some opinions on some sore bites I noticed on my dog's neck earlier. He's eight months old, mixed breed. He's got longer fur on his neck (where the bites are), about 2 inches long, kind of like a mane. The main issue is a group of about five...
  19. Best Flea Medication

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone! Just got my dog a few weeks ago and I was wondering what the best method of controlling fleas (and ticks, though its not a huge problem where I live) beyond bathing him with flea shampoo. I know there are a few skin applicable medications (i.e. Advantage), a friend has told me...