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  1. Washing off flea treatment and Other questions

    Dog Health
    So i'm pet sitting my mom's friend's dog and cat and I noticed that the dog had some fleas jumping on her. I went and told her owner and she told me where to find the flea ointment. The box I grabbed is Sentry Pro and I just learned today that Sentry Pro has been hospitalizing pets, and now I'm...
  2. Too much flea treatment??

    Dog Health
    The other day I gave my dog a topical flea treatment because the Sentinel spectrum I had ordered was still MIA. The spectrum arrived today and i want to give it to him because I am putting him in a kennel for a week, but I'm not sure if this would be too much flea treatment and make him sick...
  3. Natural home remedies for fleas?

    Dog Health
    Hi all I have a Belgian shepherd that has many fleas. I'm afraid to use any collar / shampoo / medicine as a treatment since I'm not a big fan of chemicals on my dog. For me it's like poisoning my own dog. I also have to mention that even if I wanted to get those chemicals, it's soooo...
  4. Hi Everyone, New Puppy Mom Here!

    Hey! I'm new here, and new to being a dog mama. In February of this year, I gained my first fur baby, Milo. He's a pomeranian, chihuahua and beagle mix, born in December. He's so sweet, and since he's become part of my family I've been learning so much. I'm thankful to have found a forum to...
  5. Flea&Tick Med-"Vethical" safe?

    Dog Health
    Our vet just prescribed our 3 and 1/2 month old 9 lb puppy Vethical Simpleguard 3 and Vethical Quadriguard. There are many reviews saying SimpleGuard 3 has dangerous side effects. Vethical is made by VCA, which is our vet's company. Has anyone had problems with this medication and should we use...
  6. Dog keeps scratching, but skin seems fine? (and its not fleas)

    Dog Health
    Please read everything before giving advice^^ (sorry this is so long, just wanted to make sure to include all details and such) My Nova Scotia Duck tolling retriever, 11 months old, keeps scratching! For the last month he’s been constantly itchy to no end! He has persistent itching and is...
  7. Finding flea dirt but no fleas?!

    General Dog Discussion
    hi! I just joined this forum but i've always googled and had really good answers from reading posts in this site. And i don't have a lot of friends or family that really own and know dogs. This is my first dog, her name is Peanut Butter. I got her 9 months ago from North Shore Animal...
  8. Flea treatment

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone - i use Spot On every month to treat my dog for fleas, however when i do it she immediately takes herself to bed and wont come near me for the rest of the night. It really freaks her out! Anyone else experience this and know why? Does it hurt her?