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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I have just signed up too the forum, so am a newbie!! I have a 10 an a half week old puppy named Rolo, an I am a first time puppy owner, so this forum will come in handy for me!!! Hope too chat too you all soon!! Love from Emma an Rolo :) xx x :tlsup:
  2. Dog Breeds
    Im considering the leonberger as my first dog (not for another two years though) and Im trying to find as much information about them as I can. Theyre a somewhat rare breed and so information is limited. I was just wondering if anyone owns or has had any experience with this breed? What are...
  3. Dog Breeds
    Which are the top five best breeds and then the top five worst breeds for first time owners in your opinion? And why? :) I know there is no definitive truth to this, as it all depends on the person, etc. But thought it'd be an interesting discussion!
1-3 of 3 Results