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  1. My dog was probably stung by a scorpion

    Dog Health
    Hi! I live in Brazil, and my dog was most likely stung by a brazillian yellow scorpion. My mother found him close to the scorpion and pushed him away, but we think he was probably stung around his face. After that we were in shock and not sure what to do. I did a lot of research that pointed out...
  2. My dog suddenly became sick

    Dog Health
    Hi we have a 2 year old Weimaraner she had a regular day and the suddenly comple 360 she was tired and became sick we thought it was from a dog bone but after xrays and then blood work and $700 we are still clueless. They put her on a antibiotic and antacid then anti inflammatory then appetite...
  3. Our dog just had the most severe breakdown I've ever witnessed and not sure why.

    Dog Health
    Hi all. First, I’m new here. I have come seeking information about a very strange and alarming situation with my girlfriend’s dog. Vet said he’s never seen anything so extreme so I’m seeking advice from others to see what could have caused this situation. There’s a lot of details here so thanks...
  4. Nobody can figure out what is wrong with my golden retriever girl :(

    Dog Health
    Hello! I have a friend who moved in Germany and has a golden retriever female from me, now she is 2 years and 3 months old. I am very worried because nobody could figure out what her illness is and it is getting worse…we need to find out what’s wrong so we can treat her. She lost 4 kg in 2...
  5. Skin rash with open lesions and high fever

    Dog Health
    Hello, My border collie/husky pound puppy came down with a 106 degree fever last night and her skin was sensitive to the touch. Upon inspection of her back she had lots of red bumps and a few open wounds. She was not scratching anything at this point and I had given her a good rub down the...
  6. liver infection in 8 year old english mastiff

    Dog Health
    My 8 year old EM Orco has gone downhill fast in the past 4 days. It started with him just being slower than usual when we walked and by Sunday night he didn't even want to go outside anymore. Took him to the vet first thing in the morning, blood test was done and his Liver ATL levels are so...
  7. Possible Autoimmune Disease or Allergies

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone, I've had a stressful week with my 11 year old Pomeranian and I need sound advice from people who have experienced something similar! Thursday June 27 - Princess started acting extremely lethargic, wasnt following me or responding to her name. Saturday June 29 - I took her into...