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feeding problems

  1. My puppy refuses to eat her dry food, please help!

    General Dog Discussion
    I just bought home a 2 months old puppy poodle last week and she refused to eat her dry food (which I've got them from the breeder, claimed to be the same as he used to feed her). After not eating for one day I contacted the breeder about this issue and he said puppy can't goes without eating...
  2. Feeding Schedule Help

    Dog Training and Behavior
    10 Week Old Tela is a new introduction to our family. As I did with my previous puppy, she eats 3 meals a day, the amount according to her weight on the food package. 1 Year old Stash has always been a grazer since he got out of puppyhood. He picks at his food, slowly throughout the day. He...
  3. Trying to switch to new food

    Dog Food
    My boyfriend and I recently adopted our first dog this past February. Scout is a pug mix (possibly mixed with besenji) and he was 7 months when we adopted him. He turned one this past weekend. When we adopted him, we were given a bag of "Hills Science Diet Puppy- Small bites" Scout liked the...
  4. Dog will no longer eat or drink for my boyfriend

    Dog Health
    My boyfriend and I got our rescue dog back in October. He has been in charge of feeding her breakfast ever since then because I would normally be working, and then I would typically feed her dinner. She recently was sick and lost her appetite, found out she had some worms and also extra bacteria...