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fear of everything

  1. My Dog Is Afraid of Vehicles

    Dog Training and Behavior
    It all started when my dog was young. At 6 months old a lady wanted us to have him and took him to a local bank not too far from my house. I ended up walking there to pick him up but when we actually tried walking home with him I noticed how he wouldn’t move. I had to carry him home because he...
  2. How does a super frustrated-not-a-dog-person help SO with training terrified dogs

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I'm going to start this post controversially I am now the co-owner of two dogs that I do NOT like 80% of the time - I already had a dog, that I love. She's very small, her shedding is negligable due to her size, she understands what down means, she doesn't chew on things ever (I can't claim...