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  1. Can Dogs Eat Corn Syrup?

    Dog Food
    I have NOT given any to my dog yet. Just to get that out of the way. ;) Online, all I found is that corn syrup will give my dog diabetes and make him fat. For me, I just want to give him a little pre-made apple sauce that has corn syrup in it. Not large amounts. Not commonly. Is it still bad...
  2. My Dog Needs a Doggy Fat Camp

    Dog Health
    I have some questions and most of them fit under health and some are related to helping him loose weight/keeping him fit so figured I'd make one post instead of several! I moved in with my boyfriend about a year and a half ago, but because of the living situation I couldn't bring my...
  3. Seeing more and more overweight dogs

    Dog Health
    This is a little bit of a rant. Recently I posted a thread asking about whether my dog was too skinny, I was assured that he wasn't and I was being told that by people who were used to seeing fat dogs. Since then I've been really looking at dogs weight and am appalled at how many are...
  4. My Baby is getting so fat!

    Dog Health
    We have three dogs, two chihuahua mix breeds (Pancheto 2 1/2yrs & Tinker 3yrs) and a poodle mix (Lucky 1 1/2 yrs). Lucky and Tinker are very active and thin bodied, but Pancheto has gotten lazy and very fat. We recently put all three dogs on Iams Weight Control dry food but it does not seem...
  5. Whitney and Kodi Blu

    Well I made a post in introductions about me and my boxer puppy Alice. Since this is a cat thread, I will be talking about my favorite cool cat Kodi Blu. He is the laziest cat, we recently put his litter box and food upstairs so it would give him a work out (he likes to sleep downstairs). Kodi...