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  1. My rottweiler has got cloudy / purple-ish eyes

    Dog Health
    Hi guys, For the past week, my rottweiler has got some cloudy purple/blue-ish eyes, and i can clearly see that she is not being able to see normally. She stumbles on things and also gets kindof scared on any small reaction close to her. She is 6 years old. Here is an image of the eyes...
  2. How to train nervous wriggly dog to accept eyedrops

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My 15-week old labrador puppy was just diagnosed with corneal ulcers by our vet. He was having a lot of discharge from both eyes and the vet said that his corneas are covered in lots of tiny scratches from the windchill. It is very windy, dry, and cold where we live in Canada, especially during...
  3. Open wounds on eyes and nose {pic} Any ideas on cause?

    Dog Health
    It all started with one eye being scratch raw and not healing. We took Stitch to the vet and he told us it was due to a tooth infection. His teeth were cleaned, a few teeth removed and he was given an antibiotic shot. Within 3 days the eye was healed! Then it came back. This time including...
  4. Do this puppy's eyes seem healthy to you?

    Dog Health
    I was thinking about buying this puppy when he was younger, but now that I have "older" pics of him, I am concerned that he may not be healthy. He has a lot of wetness under his eyes. Would you guys please give me your opinions on what this might be? I also noticed that his sister has it...
  5. Can you explain what this weird eye thing is with my dog?

    Dog Health I do think it is kind of cool, maybe some kind of defensive thing to make potential predators maybe stay back thinking her eyes are open and they may have been seen perhaps? Either that or it is some kind of health issue I am just unaware of. Has...
  6. Watery eye discharge (epiphora) - Head collar (gentle leader, halti) the issue?

    Dog Health
    Hi all, Just curious if anyone has ever had their dog experience eye issues from wearing a head collar (like a gentle leader or halti). My 6 year-old mixed breed (hound mix) has been having some health troubles recently. One is that he has very very watery eyes for the past several months...
  7. HELP! My dog has sores around dogs eyes

    Dog Health
    Hi, I am looking for some help because I have now taken my dog to 2 different vets and the results have been minimal. My year old dog, Sequoia, had an ear infection about 2 weeks ago. I gave her the topical ointment the vet prescribed and it cleared up, but she developed open sores similar to...
  8. Dry Eye

    Dog Health
    Hi, My dog was diagnosed with dry eye today and has conjunctivitis with it. She had now been scratching her face so much that underneath her mouth there is cuts and it is really inflammed. The vet gave us multiple eye drops and ointments, but she HATES them. It is a real struggle to put them in...
  9. White spots on eyes

    Dog Health
    My 3 1/2 yrs old shepherd mix has white spots on both of her eyes and they seem to be getting worse over time, the spots seem to affect her vision and it looks like scar tissue. Does anyone else know what this might be? Any input will be helpful.