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  1. Slime in my cat's eye??

    My cat, only a year old, has been squinting her eyes for some reason, as though they're bothering her. Her vision is fine, as shown by how she sprints through the house and bounces on furniture like she always does. She's not squinting all the time either, just sometimes. However, it is a lot...
  2. My dog has an eye issue that keeps returning-

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone, My wonderful dog - a healthy 3-5 year old shepherd/border collie mix (we think) is having repeated eye issues. This only happens with one eye at a time. Her eye will get very red. She does not seem to be in pain. Sometimes there is a discharge/pus when this happens-lately it seems...
  3. styes on eyes, irritation & inflammation

    Dog Health
    Hello! Hoping someone can help! I'm looking for suggestions as to what could be wrong with my dog/anyone who has encountered the same issues. My toy poodle has developed reoccuring styes on his eyes. They form on his outer eye lids and burst fluid and sometimes blood. The eyelid gets red...
  4. Black line and redness in my dog's eye?

    Dog Health
    Today my dog's eye appeared to be bothering him slightly. I decided to see if maybe there was a foreign object causing him to squint. He doesn't seem to be in very much pain but his eye is a bit red and I've never noticed this black mark there before, any ideas of what this could be? Any help...
  5. Suzie's Eye

    Dog Health
    My dog was scratched (long story) or nipped (don't know) just behind her right eye. There was a little blood. Happened yesterday. I cleaned it and applied antibiotic ointment twice yesterday, and once this morning. She's acting perfectly normal; not itching it or favoring it in any noticeable...
  6. Dog has inflamed eye. Won't stop scratching/pawing.

    Dog Health
    My dog is 15 months old. A lab/chowchow/Burmese Mountain Dog mix. A few days ago, he started scratching at his eye and having some slight clear drainage. Thinking it was allergies, we went to the vet and they gave him a subdermal shot to help ease the swelling and allergic reaction. This...
  7. "Breeder" said our baby was blind, but we don't think he is!

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone! I'm so happy to have joined and be a part of this friendly and awesome community! :wave: I hope to make friends and help out and offer some of my many doggy experiences to everyone. So, we just acquired a puppy, a standard poodle we have named Loxley. (Like Robin of Locksley)...
  8. What is wrong with my dogs eye?

    Dog Health
    I've noticed in the recent weeks that my dogs eye is looking very misty, covers the whole of his pupil. It also goes off to the side and looks wonky. Could this be glaucoma like in humans? Is it worth taking a trip to the vets, and if so what is the treatment? He is a 14 year old staffy cross...
  9. Loosing an eye

    Dog Health
    My dog recently got into a bad BB gun incident that had to do with him getting shot in the eye. The emergency vet told us that he's blind for sure and we might lose his eye. I just really need some advice as to what to do. We could keep the eye but there's the chance that it'll be uncomfortable...
  10. One pupil dilated

    Dog Health
    Chocolate lab - 1 year old at the end of the month. When he was 4-5 months old he ran face first into his open kennel door. The edge of the door hit him right around his eye and one pupil dilated. Took him to a vet and everything checked out fine, said he probably had a concussion but didn't...
  11. What could be wrong with my dogs eye?

    Dog Health
    HELP! My 7 y/o Australian terrier got into a bunny nest, her eye got red and she squinted. Vet said she had a small scratch on cornea, put her on Neomycin/polymxin ointment e/8 hrs for 7days. No improvment but he said the scratch was gone. Put her on IC Prednisolone AC 1%, 1 drop e/8hrs for 5...
  12. Puppy with medium white bumb above eye.

    Dog Health
    Hey, So my 6 month old Puppy has recently developed a medium sized bump above her eye, It is white and not very hard. I have attached a picture of it. I will be taking her to the Vet, I am just wondering if anyone has any idea what it may be. Thanks.
  13. Just pulled a foxtail out

    Dog Health
    I noticed my dog was squinting and I looked in her eye and up between her eye and lid I could see a foxtail. I was able to pull it out without too much effort. It looked completely intact. She is opening her eye and acting normal, it is just a little red. I am nervous about infection. Does...