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enlarged heart

  1. Heart, Liver, Adrenal Issues - Conventional vs Natural

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    Hello - First, some info/background... (sorry so long in advance!) I have a wonderful little Pomeranian/Chihuahua cross fur-baby that just turned 9 years old in May. His name is "Iggy". He was diagnosed with a heart murmur (Grade 2) a few years ago, but the vet at the time said it was common...
  2. Help! Older pomeranian keeps losing weight :(

    Dog Health
    Hi, I joined this forum in hopes that someone can help me out. I adopted my male pomeranian (Sparky) almost ten years ago. The vet thought he was about four or five at the time, so we assume he's around fourteen or fifteen now. About two years ago he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. Our vet...