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  1. General Dog Discussion
    We are considering a miniature or moyen poodle as our second dog, and I would love to hear from people who have poodles, specifically I'd like to know about their energy level, and how much time it takes to groom your own (smaller) poodle. Also, how vocal is your poodle? We have a friendly...
  2. General Dog Discussion
    My family has only ever owned lab mixes, and I'd say these current two (lab/dane/pit and lab/hound) are the most energetic we've ever had, but you take them on a good 20-30min off leash walk in the woods and they'll snooze next to me on the couch for the next 5+ hours until they slowly ramp back...
  3. Dog Breeds
    Hey, my family moving to a new condo with a small yard and we decided to bring in a dog to the family, we're looking for a breed that can be use as a family and a guard dog and contains the following criteria: 1. non drooling 2. minimal fur shedding 3. not extremely energetic This is the...
1-3 of 3 Results