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eating less

  1. Dog with heavy breathing and drooling

    Dog Health
    I have a Doberman/Ridgeback that is 11 years old. She had knee surgery about 4 years ago, that was successful. No one would guess that Sophie had had an operation. She has been getting glucosamine with her food for about 7 or 8 years. Sophie also gets fish oil with her food as well as Proin...
  2. older dog has poor appetite lately

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My 12 yr old corgi is not eating as he used too. He still eats all of his food, but he eats maybe 4-6 hours after we give him the food. Whereas before he would eat right away. He doesn't act much different otherwise. Still has a decent energy level, nothing else seems unusual that I would need...
  3. Should I Switch to Home-Cooked Food?

    Dog Food
    My 5 month old puppy has recently been showing not a lot of intersest in his food. We get him Merrick Puppy Chow, and he seemed to love it, but lately he's been eating about 1/3 of the recommended 2 cups for his weight. He is always exited for people food, though. So last night we gave him 1/3...
  4. My dog will not eat and keeps puking. Help!!

    Dog Health
    Hi we brought our 3 yr old pitbull home just a week and a half ago. He was on antibiotics for his raw paws which we discontinued because his paws were fine and we thought the medicine was making him sick. However he has remained sick. He lays around and sleeps all day, will not play, will not...
  5. Eating less or not eating at all

    Dog Health
    Hi guys, my 10 months old GSD mix is now 27.6kg, and we give him his meal (kibbles + wet can food) twice per day. But he's been eating less and less, and we can't understand why. We thought it was coz he's growing up and that's just a phase, but it seems to take long to pass this phase. He would...