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  1. Question before euthanizing my Cocker Spaniel

    Dog Health
    Hi! I'm in the process of trying to decide my 15 year old Cocker Spaniel's quality of life. He has a mass in his right ear that is growing and pushing against his brain. As a result the ear has become a breeding ground for bacteria. He now has MRSA and others that I can't recall. He is on...
  2. Mini Aussie Prick Ears...Will they fall?

    Dog Grooming
    Hello All! I have a mini aussie who is 13 weeks old! When I picked him up he had the cutest little ears that were folded, now his ears stand straight up! I have read that the ears often do funky things during teething but will the ears go back down or now that they are up will they stay up? 10...
  3. Australian Shepherd Ears

    Dog Breeds
    Mateo is my 6 month and some days old Aussie Shepherd, he is lovable and loves playing with my 4 year old kid. I guess ill get to my question. Hes father is a brown Australian Shepherd with ears that flop back most of the time (attatched picture) and his mother is the Merle Aussie with ears that...
  4. Puppy hates cleaning ears?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, Sherlock hates ear cleanings. Well actually, cleaning his ears he is fine with, but he does not tolerate what we clean WITH. When it is just water, he does not mind and is very well behaved. However, the mere scent of the ear cleaning solution that the vet gave us terrifies him. My best...
  5. Aussie Ears.... Will my puppies ears "fall"?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi fellow canine lovers! I recently added a purebred mini Austrailian Shepherd to my family. When I got her, she was about 9-10 weeks old. At the time she had one ear that was up (or also referred to at pricked) and one ear that was folded over. Now she is about 4 months and both of her ears...
  6. Distressed by barometric pressure?

    Dog Health
    We've got about a 15 month old Bishon/Chitzu. We live in Central Florida, where plenty of storms come thru. The dog becomes very distressed well before we can hear anything brewing. He does not act scared; he acts distressed internally, somehow. Panting, inconsolable, can't settle down. I...