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  1. Ivermectine and ear mite

    Dog Health
    My dog (15 lbs) has ear mite. Is ivermectin effective for ear mite? any idea about dosage? I've read in some websites that ivermectin 1% (Injection) must used orally in dogs, is it true?
  2. Help!! input wanted on what this is

    Dog Health
    My cousins dog has this on his ear, and their other dog is starting to have a couple kind of like this around his eye and in ear also, so I am guessing it is something contageous. Does anyone know what it is, and if there is any advice I can give them?
  3. German Shepherd Ear Problems, Help!

    Dog Health
    Hello! I have a rescued pure bred German Shepherd. Beau is a 5 year old adult male with no other health problems. I have already established his allergies to gluten, so he is on a grain free dog diet. We walk about 2 miles a day. For about 2 years Beau has had seemingly constant ear problems. It...