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ear infection

  1. Shar pei ear yeast infection URGENT

    Dog Health
    So my shar pei mix is about a year old and we've recently noticed that he started shaking his head and scratching his ears a lot. Took him to the vet and he apparently has extreme yeast overgrowth. The vet prescribed nystatine and that's been his evening therapy for about a month now. I have a...
  2. Can I Trim the Cone of Shame?

    Dog Health
    My dog has an ear infection AND a slightly infected abrasion behind the ear where she's been scratching. So, after a visit to the vet, she's on oral antibiotics AND topical (in ear) liquid antibiotics AND has to wear the cone of shame. She doesn't have any stitches or anything like that that...
  3. Lab owners must read. Keeping ear infections?

    Dog Health
    My name is William and Labradors are my favorite breed. I am going to share with you a common ailment for Labradors, but first answer these questions. 1) Is your lab constantly chewing at their paws? 2) Is your lab keeping ear infections? 3) Does your lab have skin problems? 4) Is your vet...
  4. my dog has an ear infection- i think

    Dog Health
    My dog has always been prone to getting ear infections ever since she was a pup. After the 1st one, the vet informed us it was because of water getting in her ear, so after every bath we rinse it out with a doggy ear wash. It's suppose to help dry it up quicker I guess. If any one has any tips...
  5. Ear Infection...Home Help Please!

    Dog Health
    Hello! My dog is a 95lb mix and after our recent lake trip he developed an ear infection consistent with bacterial infection. Shaking his head, walking with his head bent, (TMI)smelly ear, coffee ground looking flaky skin, itching and he licks his front paw to get it wet to scratch his poor...
  6. How do I take care of a deaf dog?

    Dog Health
    My dog Comet, Cocker spaniel, has had a lot of medical issues. To make his list short I will say he has a thyroid problem & has to take pills everyday for the rest of his life. He also gets chronic ear infections, which means ear medication. He is now deaf, how do I take care of him? Cuz...
  7. My dog keeps licking my puppy's eyes and ears

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My 17 month old dachshund/chihuahua mix female keeps licking my 6 month old female maltipoo's ears and eyes. I usually wouldn't mind this but I read from some individuals' personal experiences that this action may cause ear infections and I would assume it's bad for my maltipoo's vision too if...
  8. My deaf dog's ear problems need help!

    Dog Health
    Hello All! I have a 2.5 year old American Bulldog/Boxer mix and he is basically allergic to everything! Everything from detergents to food! I am concerned because he was born deaf and has recently been itching his ears like crazy. I clean them out often but now they have gotten beat red...