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  1. quality of life using e collar

    Dog Health
    My 3 yr old Aussie m ix has been fighting a paw pad infection for 7 weeks now. We are on our third round of antibiotics, tried 2 different soaks and one cream and we finally had to take her to a dermatologist since our local vet and local ER vet could not figure out how to get the paw healed...
  2. Chihuahua's neutered and E-collar is failing!

    Dog Health
    My two chihuahua boys were neutered on Friday Feb. 24th. Today is the third day and it looks pretty bad. They both are wearing the E-Collar. But, in is this incident they are using the collar to "itch" their incision/"sack." It is getting very red and swollen. I spoke with the vet and they won't...
  3. e collar alternative?

    General Dog Discussion
    my 6 month old puppy is going in tomorrow morning to get spayed. the place doesnt give us an e collar and we really dont want to go buy one. is there any alternative to an e collar or a way to make one?