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  1. Dry Spots on Skin

    Dog Health
    My German Shorthaired Pointer had a little dry patch a little smaller than a dime that I noticed about 2 weeks ago. I just found another little tiny one today as well as dry skin by her front elbows. We live in Arizona so it is really dry out here, I'm just wondering if this is something that...
  2. Itchy dog!

    Dog Health
    My schnauzer is itchy all the time! We thought that it was fleas, but he has been treated multiple ways, from baths to K9 Advantix. I took him to the groomer the other day and she said that she saw nothing on him, and we never see any bugs on him or around the house either. Now that he has had...
  3. Kyras fur

    Dog Health
    Kyras a 9 month old Jack Russell/Min Pin mix. Her old owner said she had just shed her puppy coat (though I have never seen a dog do this?! I have read about it?!... Anybody clarify?) Anywho, her fur is now very thin and she has quite dry skin. It is thinnest on top of her head and her back...