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  1. Dog suddenly won't finish her food -- Advice appreciated

    Dog Food
    My adult female Dalmatian joined our home almost 6 months ago. She's an only dog. Up until about a month ago, she was on a consistent feeding schedule of 1.5 c every 12 hours, and seemed to like her dry food very well. She always ate right away. We had a fair amount of schedule upheaval around...
  2. Large Breed Puppy Food Choices

    Dog Food
    Hi all. We have a 20 week old German Shepherd mix puppy named Bradley. When we got him from the rescue he was being fed Purina Puppy Chow, mixed with Purina Dog Chow, wet food and warm water, as all the rescue dogs were fed together. We were only given a small bag (enough for 1 meal) of the dry...
  3. Good ways to improve dry dog food?

    Dog Food
    I guess this is like asking about toppers but I'm not asking about already pre made toppers specifically for dog food, but food, human grade, and hopefully affordable to mix into his dry food My dog is 12 and he is doing pretty well. But he is a senior now and my father showed me an article...
  4. Dry food for a picky puppy?

    Dog Food
    My 10 month old mini schnauzer, Ezreal, is so picky about the dry food she eats. When we originally got her she had only ever been eating Purina Puppy Chow, and I wanted to switch her to a (at least slightly) healthier brand, but we've had little luck finding anything she likes. So far we've...