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  1. Need Help - Dog with Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis

    Dog Health
    Hello! About 3 months ago, my dog Jasper (8 yrs) fell off of the seat in my car when I had to brake to not hit a car that pulled out in front of me. He limped a little when I got him out of the car but seemed normal after that. However, after a few days he let out a cry when getting up from his...
  2. Serious Illness after Doxycycline and how we solved it

    Dog Health
    Recently our little 22 pound Shih Tzu/Yorkie/Poodle mix Bella tested positive for Lyme. We live in Sturbridge, MA in a heavily forested area and deer ticks are a serious problem. Bella has always been treated with Advantix II when the ground isn't covered in snow. It is not uncommon for us to...
  3. Other paw limping after being treated for Lymes?! Help!

    Dog Health
    Hello there, this is my first post! Our 3 year old, 30lb, very healthy rescue mix from the ASPCA, Winnie, started limping very badly recently-- front left paw and became slightly lethargic. Was eating fine, no fever but we took her to the very after 3 weeks of limping (we really thought it was...
  4. Ehrlichia Question

    Dog Health
    Hello all - My dog was diagnosed a couple of weeks back with Ehrlichia, and I am more than freaking out about getting him healthy again. He has been prescribed Doxycycline. He is about 10 months old, weighs 57 lbs, and has been given 100 mg to take 2x a day for 6 weeks. He was either at the...