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  1. New Dogs and Puppies
    So I have a Labrador puppy. Because of the lockdown, will have to train him to go indoors and anyway he is too small to be taken out. Now he is intelligent and has figured out that poo in the loo is a good thing. However no amount of rewards or pee pads can stop him from peeing everywhere...
  2. New Dogs and Puppies
    Hi! I'm looking for a dog door which I can set to lock at a certain time. We travel quite a bit and take our dog with us but our cats stay at home. I would like them to be able to go in and out but not at night. So I need a door that I can set to lock at a certain time. Do you know of any? I saw...
  3. Dog Training and Behavior
    My 8-year-old CoJack mix and I moved from a house with a doggie door to one without and has gone from completely housebroken to daily accidents. A few relevant details about the situation: The climate here is much colder than our old house across the country. We have been here 6 months with...
1-3 of 3 Results