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  1. Mast Cell Tumour, Chemotherapy & one confused & anxious mum

    Dog Health
    Hi Everyone, I have a 7yr old Lhasa Apso cross Chihuahua called Tia. I'll try & give you a short version of my story but will post the link for a longer version at the end. September last year I took her to the vet & discussed a lump on her leg I was concerned about. The Veterinarian...
  2. Siam Dog Sanctuary

    We are just a normal, average married couple in our late thirties, with an insatiable love for all animals, especially dogs. Wherever we have gone in our lives, we have always landed up helping an animal in need. We would always end up helping a dog in need or saving an abandoned dog – somehow...
  3. Can you Help Jessie the Greyhound

    New Additions
    Hello Everyone, I have a story to share. We recently rescued this beautiful 1 yr old greyhound named Jessie from a pound where she was going to be pts. She has a deformed and shortened front leg. In the link below it has all the details about what we are trying to do. We need to raise $3000...