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  1. Tricks to Getting Your Dog to Sleep Better

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a question for dog owners out there. I am a writer and am looking for subjects to interview (via email) about ways in which they help their dog sleep better at night. - Not using drugs or medications of any kind. What I mean is ways like singing, reading to them, or creating a...
  2. Irresponsible dog ownership

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Irresponsible dog ownership and dogs being used as weapons are urgentand worrying issues that blight many neighbourhoods and parks. I back City Hall in calling upon the government to take immediate action to deal with the problem
  3. 5 Days To Live - SB250 (california bill)

    General Dog Discussion
    Did you know that when a pet is taken to a shelter, it's typically given only 5 business days to live? In other words, dogs and cats that are caught and impounded, or given to the shelter by their owner, have 5 days to be adopted, otherwise they're euthanized. Each year $250,000,000.00 is...
  4. Heeey :)

    Hello from Huddersfield!! I'm Amy :) 12 years old :) 13 years old on 21st August 2010 :) I have got a beaauuuttiiffulll puppy called Wispa, well i will have,getting her on Sunday LOL. I'm doing agility once i get her :) My favourites :) Dogs, Huddersfield...
  5. Just joined

    Hello to everyone, I just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I have two dogs right now, a dachshund named Xena and a chihuahua/dachshund x named Buster. Xena is 14 years old now and Buster is 6 years old but he has only been with us about a year. We rescued Buster from the local pound. He's...
  6. How do you know when it's time to let your dog go?

    Dog Health
    We adopted this dog about 5-6 years ago from the Wellsboro SPCA. When he got her they told us they were not sure how old she was but that she was 5+ years. Well its so sad but she is falling apart...her teeth are rotting, her hips bother her, we think she is going blind, maybe deaf....or else...
  7. my new game

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    i made a new game to play with my dogs: you need a frisbee at least 1 dog and yourself and a closed in area you start by getting your dog(s) ready to play frisbee. you play by throwing the frisbee out really far and run to it and try to get it before your dogs and if you get it you have to...
  8. Funny Dog Picture

    Dog News
    Here is a funny image I was sent recently!! :):):)
  9. Cats and Dogs

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I'm sure someone has posted on this somewhere, but I can't find the thread. I'm wondering how you can go about getting cats and dogs to get along with each other. So far, the method I'm using is clicker training, and slowly introducing the cat and dog to each other, and giving them more treats...
  10. Dog Grooming Job

    Dog Grooming
    I'm only 13 so I have a long way to go. But I was wondering, since I still have a lot of time, how do I start dog grooming? :confused: I have a few questions: First of all, how do you learn? Do you need to take classes? What is an idea of how much it pays? Per hour or per dog? How does it...
  11. I know Vader was meant for us!

    Dog Stories
    The Story of how he came to us is really quite strange.We already had 2 dogs and were not even looking for a 3rd.Out of the blue one day a friend of mine from church called and and explained to me that they had found a new home for their lab, and that she had gotten away from her new owners and...
  12. My little introduction.

    Hello there! My name is Bethany, and I am 14 years old. For as long as I can remember -and probably while I was growing up my family has had at least 4 dogs. Now we have 3. theres Sadie, our Westie, Molly, the toy poodle, and Peanut, the newest addition to the family, who is a cocker...
  13. Dogs training for doing fun tricks

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Teach your dog to SIT UP or beg: This is one trick you should not be teaching a dog that is younger than eight months of age. Before the age of eight months, the dog's back muscles are not fully developed and so it must not be made to sit. Teach your dog to SHAKE hands: Just hold out your hand...
  14. Pet night Photos at Malls for Christmas 2009 Season

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Found this and are sharing. I know its a bit early. Pet night photos at malls around the US for this Christmas Season. ------------------------------- ------------------------------- Mall Pet Photos Times ------------------------------- -------------------------------...
  15. How to ignore your little brother

    General Dog Discussion
    This is a cute and funny video of my two dogs Princess and Oliver. YouTube - How to ignore your little brother Anna
  16. New Here!

    Hello everyone, I just joined this nice forum. You might have seen me other places because I am all over the net :) Anyways, I am a huge dog lover. I have 3 dogs. They are all mixes and I found them through Petfinder. They are my life. Love them so much. Here is a photo of them. I also have 4...
  17. Bad To The Bone...

    Dog Stories
    In 2006 I wrote a book for my mom as a x-mas gift. She liked it so much she found me an agent (I know, finally a canine with an agent!) and in July 2008 I put paw to paper on a contract with Kensington Books. Now my book BAD TO THE BONE: Memoir Of A Rebel Doggie Blogger is being nationally...
  18. Help Me Save My Dog?

    General Dog Discussion
    They want to pass bsl in my area, and if it passes we will have to get rid of Ace or face having him put down, obviously i'd give him away rather then put him down but could you please write a letter here Wilkes-Barre City Hall 40 East Market St. Wilkes-Barre Pa, 18711 Anything could help...
  19. Lab Painting Supports Rescue

    Dog Art
    Here is a new painting in my "silly" style although it was created for a serious issue. One of the Lab rescue groups calls their special needs dogs the "Lifeboat Dogs", so I made this painting with them in mind. I am offering prints and posters and other products with this design and 25% of...
  20. Hi from NY

    Hi everybody. I made a few posts before I found this intro section - opps :o My name is Amy, I currently have 5 Labs and a cat. I also foster for local rescue groups and rescue dogs myself from time to time, so sometimes I have a new mouth to feed. I have been "in Labs" since 1986 and they...