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  1. Proudly partner of two dogs :D

    Here they are, my two fellas, they are both males and very friendly. Paco, the frenchy: And Dobby, the prague ratter: Bonus pic:
  2. Tips to Protect Your Dog from Fleas

    New Additions
    Flea season varies widely between geographical regions based on factors such as warmth, sunlight and humidity. Generally, preventing fleas is much easier than trying to treat a flea problem. Dog owners have access to many options when it comes to protecting "their" pet from fleas. Usually a...
  3. Hi from my dogs Loki & Thanos

    Hi! I'm new to forums in general, but I have two dogs that I love trick training with. One is a golden looking mix, and one is a black American Staffordshire Terrier. Looking forward to reading more on here!
  4. Can you guess what Breeds my pups are

    Dog Breeds
    Hi Guys, New to this whole forum thing. I have 3 puppies and in all honesty need help identifying what could be in them. Please have a look and let me know Would appreciate the help :thumbsup:
  5. Question about breeding

    Dog Health
    What is the difference between Clean Heritage breeding and Clean Line breeding? I have heard that Clean Heritage breeding simple meant that there was no repeat dame or sire within 5 generations. Where as Clean Line breeding is no repeat dame or sire in the entire known pedigree. (Unlike...
  6. I have had no luck training my dog on the leash. please help!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a English springier spaniel/lab mix who is what feels like impossible to train. I have tried giving treats every time but she began to assume she would always get a treat. after that i tried to mix it up and not always give her a treat but always giving affection. That only worked for...
  7. Breeding dogs ?!

    General Dog Discussion
    So today a lady asked if we were interested in breeding So we said yes and was wondering how does breeding dogs go about ?
  8. Will Dogs Avoid Poisoned Water?

    Dog Health
    Good evening! I have a question concerning outdoor dogs and poisoned water. I have two large guardian dogs for my goats and donkey. They're big, beautiful, rottweiler/shepherd mixes, both female. I rescued them from a dumpster when they were about a month old and I've had them for nine years...
  9. My German shepherd learning to play frisbee!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Check out my German Shepherd learning to play Frisbee, Funny video of Mikka when she was learning to play Frisbee. There are a couple other videos of Mikka as she perfected her talent of a Frisbee catching machine on my youtube channel. Check them out!!:thumbsup:
  10. Is our veterinary surgeon ripping us off?

    Dog Health
    Background: Earlier this year, our 10 year old beagle developed a growth on his eyelid. A bright pink cauliflower-style growth that would get bigger, break off in small pieces and regenerate every couple of weeks. He didn't appear to be in any pain or distress, but obviously we were concerned...
  11. I want to design a dog Kennel

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hi my name is Matt. I’m studying Industrial Design here in Auckland, New Zealand. Today we were given a brief to design an outdoor dog kennel for urban homes with small yards. I’m at a bit of a disadvantage here because I don’t own a dog myself and I was hoping I could get some help. Are there...
  12. Dark Lump after Vet Visit??

    Dog Health
    About a week and a half ago, my parents' dog Taz (purebred Jack Russell), jumped off the couch and ripped his nail off on his front paw. My parents failed to ever cut his nails, so you can imagine they were long (about 1 1/2 inches). I went over their house as soon as they called and told them I...
  13. It's a dog's life in the South

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hello dogfans , as a "newcomer" here I would like to show you total freedom and happyness, which I was lucky enough to catch on this video, I made the other day in the South of Spain: Google search: Happy over the clouds 50 or use this link: This other one is just...
  14. My Dog Art (commissions Open)

    Dog Art
    I'm a freelance Illustrator and usually get commissions for dogs. Here are some i've done in the past. And a cat commission I recently did: If you're interested please message me. Each pet is only $60 for this forum's members. If you want more examples contact my facebook page.
  15. Hello there

    Hello. I've just joined. I love animals. At the beginning of this month I rescued an adorable senior Dalmatian and I adore her. No more pets at the moment. Besides loving pets I also love music, writing, Doctor Who, and drawing. I also am a freelance Illustrator. I draw pets for other people. I...
  16. Toys for smart dogs???

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, everyone! I have a black Lab who's name is Cookie. He's a year old but I've realized he's too smart and he needs toys and entertainment stuff for him. Do you recommend something that has worked for you? I want to keep him busy, he's always paying attention to everything and I want to...
  17. Pet-friendly transportation services?

    Hi, everyone! I'm from Los Angeles and I need to take a 3 days business trip to Las Vegas for next weekend. I have a little Labrador of 3 months and I wouldn't like to leave him somewhere else, I want to take him with me to Vegas :p and I need to find a transportation service agency that allows...
  18. Illustration of My Pups :)

    Dog Art
    Hello All! I have two adorable French Bulldogs, Marge and Kelsi. They are mother & daughter . They are always doing hilarious and embarrassing things. I made an illustration of them for kids. It's meant to inspire kids through everyday awkwardness and show them that everyone is weird...
  19. How Dogs drink water!

    General Dog Discussion
    Check out this youtube video of how dogs drink water!!:thumbsup:
  20. How dogs drink water!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Pretty cool video of how dogs drink water on YouTube take a look:thumbsup:.