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  1. Dog Training Basics

    Puppy Help
    Are you a dog fanatic? If so, are you dreaming of owning a dog that's well behaved, obedient and protective? Yeah, I know, this sounds to be good but... Do you know there are a lot of people avoid getting dogs because they’re just afraid of behavioral problems? Training a dog on how to behave...
  2. Why Dog Leash is Very Important in Dog Training

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Dog Training Tools Rein Him In Every dog needs a leash. It serves as a line of communication between dog and handler, as well as a canine life preserver when your dog is awash in a sea of traffic—either pedestrian or vehicular. The best leash is sturdy without being cumbersome and properly...
  3. Hello everyone

    General Dog Discussion
    wish you all a great day today
  4. My dog is only super aggressive towards other dogs

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have the cutest dog ever, a black German Shorthaired pointer, she loves hugs, cuddles, people, kids, cats .. she's so affectionate and so full of energy. She was abandoned and rescued by a cousin of mine, she's around one year old, she had a trip to the vet and she's super healthy, strong and...
  5. Who says your soulmate has to have two legs

    General Dog Discussion
    I designed this T-shirt, what do you guys think of this design? More info here: Who says your soulmate has to have two..
  6. Why do you guys like dogs?

    General Dog Discussion
    Let me know beloww!??
  7. Help save dogs today

    General Dog Discussion
    Helping to save dogs are easier and cheaper than you may think.
  8. What do you guys think about this dog bed ?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    I love the unique shape and pattern and it also have a light on the top which is really cool. This is the newest addition to hope people like it
  9. Anyone know any good board games about dogs?

    General Dog Discussion
    Lately my oldest son has been trying to get me into playing board games. And i try to get into it, i really do, but i always get so bored. I was hoping to find a fun dog-related board game. Any suggestions? Anyone have any first hand experience with good Board Games About Dogs? I found a few...
  10. Wondering if my dog has worms?

    Dog Health
    I was wondering if my dog has worms. I haven't seen any in his fecal matter or his fur, but his coat is very rough and dull towards his tail (like his butt and hips) and he does tend to "scoot" a lot. These are the only signs he has, so I was wondering could it be worms or should I take him to...
  11. Border Collies

    General Dog Discussion
    I was wondering if anybody who owns or has owned a Border Collie could give me some insight as to what kind of dogs they are. I'd like to get one some day (not anytime soon as I don't have the money nor the room for one right now) and would like to know as much as I could about them. I wouldn't...
  12. Pupstime - Daily update about dog

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Featuring daily cute dog for you! Love us? Subscribe to the thread. PM for removals/credit
  13. What dog should I get?

    Off Topic Discussion
    Me and my family finally decided to get a dog. For the spring and summer seasons we live on our countryside house, with a pretty big front yard. In fall and winter we go to our apartment in the city (it is a pretty roomy apartment). We are looking for a dog that doesn't smell that much, likes...
  14. Long-Term Dog Rescue Volunteer

    Hi - I am a 13+ year dog rescue volunteer. I work weekends as an amateur trainer and enrichment instructor at our local no-kill shelter. We work with dogs of all ages and breeds, training towards adopt-ability and forever homes. In rescue, kasiopia
  15. Do you love to find ways to rescue more dogs form shelters?

    Hi, I'm April Booth Hutcheson. My business is called Out of April's Kitchen. I love dogs. If I had the means to, I would have so many more. I do have three, all of them I rescued. My newest rescue can all the way from Texas. I live in Virginia. She is part Duschund and part Chihuahua. She has a...
  16. 10+ Very Cute Dogs Behind „Beware Of Dog” Sings

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    When you see the „BEWARE OF THE DOG” sign, you usually imagine a furious beast that is just waiting to attack. Sometimes reality is the opposite! These murderers will attack you with their adoration, they cant harm you source...
  17. Dog Blog/Training

    Dog Training and Behavior Check out my blog! It is the first of many to come! Enjoy and please feel free to share it as well. I am a professional dog trainer so this first Blog is explaining the importance of training your dog. Thanks so much! All...
  18. dog obsession with cats shes living with

    Dog Training and Behavior
    hi, i recently adopted a dog (one month ago) who is just over a year old. i have a cat, and my roommate has a cat as well, who already were living in the house before we brought the dog home. when i was searching for a doggy friend to bring home, my biggest concern was definitely finding one...
  19. Introduction

    Hello every one, My name is chriss and a dog breeder lives in california. My hobbies and passions start on dogs and ends on dogs. I basically run a blog called where i write about different dogs breeds their qualities. After checking the posts of these forum i thought it would...
  20. 7 Things Your Pet Needs This Summer

    General Dog Discussion
    It’s time for some fun in the sun! With the hot vacation season coming up, it’s important to pack up some essentials you’ll need for your pet to stay cool and healthy for uninterrupted summer fun. Don’t leave your pets out of the best season of the year! 1. Cooling Beds :) Summer means hot days...