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  1. New Dogs and Puppies
    Hi everyone! I've had a long distance relationship for two years with my boyfriend and now we've decided to move in together in my house. The problem is that i've a male Lagotto Romagnolo of 1 year and my bf has a famale mongrel dog ( german shepherd and breton) of 4 years. They had met last...
  2. Dog Breeds
    Hi! Match me a breed please. I posted a couple times but have added needs and wants. Medium to large breed 20-100 lbs Medium to high energy, with an off switch Easy to train, can have some stubbornness Biddable Good with other dogs, cats, and kids I do like dogs that look intimidating but not...
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  4. New Dogs and Puppies
    Can anyone help me identify which breed my 4-month old pup belongs to? Thanks!
  5. Dog Training and Behavior
    This is Martini! She is an 11 year old boston terrier, pomeranian mix. Ever since she was about 2 or 3 years old, she has suffered from anxiety. The older she gets the worse it gets, especially her separation anxiety. She has ate through a wall, dug up carpet, and destroyed 3 couches. I have...
  6. Dog Training and Behavior
    I understand that we have handled it poorly and that's why we are now in this situation.. my dogs are both 3 year old Labs that LOVE fetch. Obsessively. One more than the other, but they both have the same issue. They bark CONSTANTLY to get us to throw their stick or ball or any toy. I don't...
  7. Dog Food
    Hi everyone! Today me and my sister went out for walking with our dog, but it was very thirsty and we had only a plastic bottle and since it wasn’t simple give him water in this way, she suggested me this special bottle: premium-bottle I've never heard of it, can you give me some more...
  8. Dog Health and Food
    Please donate to help my dog, Jazzy. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma and 2 months ago he took a turn for the worse. His immunity system is also down because of the cancer treatment and he's getting infections. I don’t have the money I need to help him.
  9. Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 6 year old Siberian husky , whose behavior has took a downhill turn the last few years . He’s now not good with any animals, he CANNOT be around small animals for sure, he will get out and real havoc from killing small animals to roaming for hours causing problems . He will literally...
  10. Introductions
    here is one of my favorite picture, there is more and not just that, it has different looks on a lot of things you can think of. if you really love dogs and want to see them on all your gadgets and cloths just comment I LOVE DOGS
  11. General Dog Discussion
    I wanted to buy a dog breed called "Chow Chow" then I found this article that classify he most expensive dogs in 2020 and the Chow Chow is among them, I just wanna know if these prices are real
  12. Dog Breeds
    I was wondering what breed of dog my puppy is or what she is mixed with. She’s very energetic and sweet. Her name is Peanut or Peanut Butter.
  13. Dog Health and Food
    Hello, my dog started to form a rash on my butthole while she was having a bad skin rash/skin infection on her stomach. The vet said that it was most likely the same skin infection as her stomach and gave her antibiotics. Her stomach cleared up but her butt hasn't, she keeps trying to lick it. I...
  14. New Dogs and Puppies
    I am getting a labrador puppy from a breeder in 4.5 weeks. Instead of emailing everyone individually every week, she uploads pictures to her website every week so we can keep informed with their progress. The breeder emailed me when the puppies were born and informed me that there was one...
  15. General Dog Discussion
    I've just finished reading the article. ( what are your thoughts about it?
  16. Dog Health and Food
    My dog has developed this issue. He starts to get a small knot. The knot will grow and eventually come to the surface of his skin,turn yo a blister and pop. He has a gaping wound for a few days while it heals. Been to a few vets and no one has any ideas. Anyone have any ideas?
  17. Dog Training and Behavior
    My sister and I live together and we each have a dog. She has a maltese/shih tzu/poodle/chihuahua mix that just turned 12y/o named Dixie and I have a Lhasa Apso who is 9 months named Mikaela. The older dog has always been temperamental towards my puppy but she never got into actual fights with...
  18. Dog Training and Behavior
  19. Dog Health and Food
    can anyone please let me know what do you think it is?? She has a vets appoinment scheduled for next week but im really worried it could be something bad :( please help me
  20. New Dogs and Puppies
    As your loved pet dog begins to age, they’ll need extra care and attention. Advancing age can make them more vulnerable to ailments and affect their sight, hearing and mobility. Therefore, it’s important for you as a caring pet parent to make their golden senior years happy and healthy. Watch...
1-20 of 257 Results