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  1. Introductions
    Hello, fellow doggo lovers. I joined this forum today, hoping I could provide advice. I have two dogs, A three-year-old purebred chihuahua, Ollie (I mostly refer to him as Tiny dog.) And a seven-year-old German shorthaired lab named coco. Tinydog Tinydog is the main reason I joined this forum...
  2. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hi! Wanted to share a Etsy page I found. Ordered a custom phone case from there for my girlfriend. Royal Portraits of your favourite fluffy friends by RoyalBestie
  3. Be thankful for your Pets

    Be thankful for your Pets

    We may have Pets, but when it comes to unconditional Love, they are the Masters. Be Thankful for your pets
  4. The love of a dog is a pure thing

    The love of a dog is a pure thing

    Dogs are loyal, loving, hilarious, and endlessly forgiving creatures who have a knack for warming our hearts. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about our dogs. Link : For the love of our Dogs!
  5. New Additions
    Hello everyone my name is cyril nekwaya and i am an absolute dog lover, i am recently adopted a nee pup and things have been amazing only problem is my partner doesn't like dogs as much as i do, i did ask her though if it would be okay to bring a dog in our relationship and she agreed but now...
  6. Dog Breeds
    Hello everyone. For 56 days now my family has been put through complete and total heartbreak as we’ve been continuously dragged through a broken process of Santa Barbara City deciding if my dogs should be put down. I’m reaching out in hopes to bring awareness to my community and beyond. My...