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    Hi guys, So this morning my dog peed on my bed. I just got done washing all my sheets and stuff and now I have this stain on my bed. Do any of you doggy parents know how to take out those stains?
  2. Dog Health
    This is my baby’s stomach, I just realized this huge rash on her stomach today as she laid on her side when she jumped up on the couch, I called some of the dog care centers near me but none of them answered( maybe due to this epidemic). I’m not sure what it is from, diet? The weather( I live in...
  3. Dog Health
    My neighbors have 2 dogs, both unknown breeds(mixed), and they leave quite often because their jobs call for it, so instead of hiring a professional which costs an arm and a leg, they hire me. My neighbors are gone for 2 weeks, crazy amount of time to leave a dog who is basically a part of the...