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  1. Dog Products - Would Love Your Feedback!

    Hi everyone! I am from New Jersey and I am currently studying abroad in South America with a group of young professionals from around the world. We are taking a start-up course while learning how to create our own business. My goal is to set up an e-commerce website for dog products. I aim to...
  2. Intervertebral disc disease (not sure if the right diagnosis)

    Hi everyone, new user here. I have a collie cross, he is 16/17 months old and his name it pixel. I'm going to go through what happens in the past couple of days and if you have any, and I mean any, advice or your dog has a similar or case or know anything about the illness, than please help. So...
  3. A Fun Challenge For All Pet Parents! No Matter The Level of Training!

    Training Journal
    Hi guys! I wanted to share with you the PAW5 Enriched Life Challenge. Basically, a five day challenge where the end goal is implementing into your pup's life things that help enrich it (think food puzzles, training, brain games, social and environmental stimulation) and then finding the things...