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  1. Dog Food
    I've been making the usual treats, make a dough, roll it out and use a cookie cutter to form the shape then bake. Tons of them. My dogs like the pumpkin and peanut butter flavored ones. it's like dog crack to them. However, i would like to make donut shaped ones. I've seen in our local...
  2. Dog Training and Behavior
    I have adopted a dog with my girlfriend to our apartment. The dog, Poppy, is 4-5 years old female pointer mix, she will be spayed soon because of adopting conditions. She is from a shelter, where she gave birth to 10 puppies, so she got separated from her puppies at 11 weeks. We don't know much...
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    Canadian Eskimo, Husky, German Shepherd mix
  4. General Dog Discussion
    Hello! We adopted our rescue dog Luna in Nov. 2020. She was a stray found with a male dog running around the streets in Texas. She was picked up by animal control and the rescue I adopted her from, took her in. They estimated she was around 1. I have taken her to the vet but she’s very timid...
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  6. Working Dogs
    My boyfriend passed away six months ago. His family and friends agreed that I should take in his Esa dog. I just recently received my dog paperwork with my ex-boyfriend's name on it. I moved into a new apartment complex 2 months ago. An old roommate is threatening to kick my dog out. So what...
  7. Dog Health
    My dog seems to be having discomfort when she tries to lie down. She would jump back up after trying to lie down. She is eating, drinking, using the bathroom, and walking okay. I have never experienced this with her before. I thought maybe she had stomach discomfort because she did throw up once...
  8. Dog Health
    Help! it is day 3 post spayed surgery and my dogs incision looks like it’s opening from the bottom. should i take her to the vet or what should i do?
  9. Dog Health
    This is a bit of an odd one, but stick with me... My 4 year old Black Labrador can be a bit of a wuss. He’s huge, but scares quite easily. For example, he is very wary of the dishwasher, because when he was a puppy, a dish fell forward onto another one and made a noise that caused him to scare...
  10. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, I would really really appreciate any help that we can get as we have tried everything and feel like we are left with no option but to rehome our beautiful dog. Sadly we don't have the option to get a trainer in as we are financially struggling. We have a 3 year old male Lhasa Apso that has...
  11. General Dog Discussion
    Hi all! I'm getting quite concerned with my little 8 year old pup ( Jack Russell / Rat Terrier Mix !). We've had her since she was a puppy, and I've been noticing for the past few months that her play drive seems normal enough, but it feels like pulling teeth to actually get her to play and...
  12. Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hello friends. What do you think about Julius K9 IDC Longwalk Harness. Harness for long walks with the dog. I love the harness from this company. What is your opinion? They are very soft, comfortable, perfect for long walks. The harness is very elegant, you can choose any size I have a corgi...
  13. General Dog Discussion
    I made a full post on reddit I swear this isn’t drama queen stuff it’s hitting me like a sledgehammer rn, recommendations (and quickly) and general thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. Dog Breeds
    Hello, I’m adopting this dog. I have no idea what breed he is! Anyone have any idea? He is 5 months old Thank you!
  15. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone! Our dog (a short-haired border collie) is really old (16). He can only hear super high-pitched screams; i.e. we can come home and hang out for a few minutes before (I assume) he smells us. He has arthritis and gets skinnier by the day as he cannot move for exercise. Lately he's been...
  16. Dog Health
    im not sure if you can see the small pink bump on his lower lid. i can’t tell if it’s a stye or worse. i tried a warm compress (that’s why he looks wet) what else can i do to help.. anything else you’d recommend ? buy him a cone? should i just go to the vet? help :/
  17. New Additions
    Video: IMG_1420.MOV This has happened a couple times before but this is the first time I’ve filmed it to show to someone. This has happened before while she was eating, she just started shaking and moving like she was dizzy, losing balance and it looks like her legs freeze up. She also drooled...
  18. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello! I am trying to get some customer research from dog owners and lovers for a new product I'm developing! Please take this super quick survey for me if you have the chance. Survey link: Pet Product Research
  19. Dog Health
    Ok this is a very long story I will do my best to shorten. I have 3 rescued dogs. 1 blind pug, 1 severe epileptic viszla lab mix and now 1 very sick American Staffordshire mix. Our American Staffordshire is our newest addition and the sickest of all 3. We have had him the shortest amount of time...
  20. General Dog Discussion
    We have a small mutt (half rat terrier half jack russel we think), and she is terrified by anything that beeps. We have an electronic toaster that beeps when it pops up, and several other appliances that beep as well. Whenever it beeps, she runs into my bedroom far away from the kitchen (where...