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  1. A foster needed to save this sweet, affectionate 5 yr old mix. NYC

    General Dog Discussion
    Zeus is our in house Cookie Monster, always ready for a treat, hopping like a kangaroo or a rabbit for it and owning a bloodhound's nose to find wherever liver treats are hiding. A handsome boy he is too, clad in a perfect coat, an amazing tail wagger, a great walker, polite with neared peers...
  2. Who says your soulmate has to have two legs

    General Dog Discussion
    I designed this T-shirt, what do you guys think of this design? More info here: Who says your soulmate has to have two..
  3. What breed is he?

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hey everyone!! So I work at a vet hospital, and today we had an adorable, lost, puppy come in.. only thing is, none of us can figure out what breed it is. Thrown around the idea of it being a Pomeranian, German Shepard, Finnish Spitz, etc. but I’ve been comparing photos to all types of dog...
  4. Why do you guys like dogs?

    General Dog Discussion
    Let me know beloww!🤓🤓
  5. Brain Training for Dogs

    hi ! I’m going to reveal how you can QUICKLY eliminate any behavioral proble no matter how badly you think it’s ingrained no matter what kind of dog you have. If that excites you, I know you'll find this letter EXTREMELY valuable.My name is Adrienne Farricelli, I'm a professional CPDT-KA...
  6. Cockapoo Breeders

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, so I'm not really sure if I put this post in the right section. Anyways, my family and I had to put our dog, Patches, to sleep on his 11th birthday this past March. We've been thinking about getting another dog. We fostered an unknown mix from a rescue...
  7. *If Dogs Could Talk*

    Dog Breeds
    I found these Design appealing. Check this out >>>> <<<<<
  8. Rescue Dog Needs a Forever Home

    Henry is an affectionate Maltese mixt, intact male, approximately 10 years old, and who loves to be picked up and cuddled. He came to a San Francisco Bay area clinic to be euthanized (which 2 vets said was not indicated) last month, skinny and starving, with a serious bilateral ear infection, a...
  9. My dog has an eye issue that keeps returning-

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone, My wonderful dog - a healthy 3-5 year old shepherd/border collie mix (we think) is having repeated eye issues. This only happens with one eye at a time. Her eye will get very red. She does not seem to be in pain. Sometimes there is a discharge/pus when this happens-lately it seems...
  10. How to get insurance in case of dogs injured

    Dog Health
    Refunds The main attraction of these insurances is the reimbursement of veterinary expenses. There are some who get paid 90% of the expenses, which is essential in the case of expensive operations. Medicines. Some veterinary policies also partially cover expenses on pet medicines. Prevention...
  11. What to pack for dog travels

    General Dog Discussion
    Have you ever asked yourself, "What does my dog need on our trip to __?" Well I have 4 items you should make sure to pack :thumbsup:
  12. Winter is coming!Collection

    Winter is coming! We are a refuge for animals. The refuge is in the village Wojtyszki in Poland. The reason for the collection is winter, which is very cold in us. We collect for food, warm up the home of our animals and improve the quality of life of these poor animals. Thank you...
  13. Dog friendly places in Los Angeles

    Off Topic Discussion
    Hello fellow dog lovers! Want to know great places to take your pooch in the Los Angeles area? Look no more, check out my blog post about places I believe are worth it. LINK BELOW :):)
  14. A dog enjoying life

    Hello beloved dog owners! I am new to and hope to seek friends on here. I own a spoiled Shih Tzu named Chanel. Recently I have been spending more time with her by taking her to different, dog friendly places around Los Angeles. I have started a blog about our visits and hope you...
  15. Advice on dog food for skin allergies

    Dog Food
    We have a 2 year old yellow lab, and for the last four months he has been itching every chance he gets, took him to the vet and they told us he was allergic to chicken and lamb, so they sold us these turkey patties but he did not like them at all in fact he would spit them out the moment he ate...
  16. Wondering if my dog has worms?

    Dog Health
    I was wondering if my dog has worms. I haven't seen any in his fecal matter or his fur, but his coat is very rough and dull towards his tail (like his butt and hips) and he does tend to "scoot" a lot. These are the only signs he has, so I was wondering could it be worms or should I take him to...
  17. Anyone Know What Breed Of Dog I Own?

    General Dog Discussion
    I know I've posted this before and I wanted to edit it so I could add more pictures but I couldn't figure out how to do that so I just made a new thread. I know my dog is for sure German Shepherd but I was wondering if there was any other breeds that might be mixed in. She doesn't have the...
  18. Any tips for insane shedding?

    Dog Grooming
    Hello. I own a German Shepherd dog who sheds insane amounts over spring and summer until it starts to get cold again. I was hoping you guys could give me some tips as to how I can cut down on her shedding a little bit? I know brushing helps and I do brush her but the fur is still insane.
  19. A Dog's Story

    General Dog Discussion
    I know a lot of people won't read this and, if they do, they probably won't think much of it. That's okay. I just decided to put this up here for fun. Almost five years ago I was volunteering at my local animal shelter. While I was there, they got in a little puppy. I didn't think much of her...
  20. Help with my rescue dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi guys! I recently just found a young dog on my way to work one morning and now he is very attached to me, already. He's a jack russell terrier mix and they suspect he is not even a year old yet. We also think he has been abused. He is scared of his own shadow, but he is very sweet and such a...