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    My 2 year old standard poodle has just started spinning in circles chasing his tail continously. He even bites chunks of hair off his tail and his bum. He cries and becomes aggressive when he gets in that phase. Although he is on anti inflammatory and pain killers to help, it hasn't changed...
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    I wanted to buy a dog breed called "Chow Chow" then I found this article that classify he most expensive dogs in 2020 and the Chow Chow is among them, I just wanna know if these prices are real
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  4. Dog Grooming
    Wash your companion regularly for good health. Indeed, if you do not maintain your animal, this may lead to: bad odors, parasites, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), otitis, etc. A dog does not know how to groom itself alone unlike a cat. It will need you to clean it. Know that, whatever...
  5. Dog Training and Behavior
    There are several factors to put into consideration if you're interested in breeding a dog, you need to know if the dog has been tested for brucellosis, if the parents of the dog are protected from disease, how often dogs go into heat etc.
  6. Dog Grooming
    Belgian Malinois for Absolute Beginners: The Concise Guide on Buying, Grooming, Food, Wellbeing, Care and Training Your Belgian Malinois Puppy or Canine (Belgian Malinois Puppy Training Book)
  7. Dog Gear and Supplies
    I would like to understand the best dog smart collar, or most used by the dog community members. And check whether it is actually worth it get for our dogs. Or just yet another device.
  8. Dog Health
    About 3 weeks ago, we noticed a small red dot (looked like a blood blister) on our dogs tongue. Thought nothing of it until after a week, it grew a little bigger like a red bubble on his tongue. We went to the vet & they had no idea what it was - told us to keep an eye on it and if it didn’t go...
  9. Dog Health
    So i noticed my dog has been licking himself yesterday i saw his area and it looked a bit swollen to me and saw that little white piece of skin too . is there any home remedy to help him? Moneys tight but im takin him to vet hopefully by next week. Any idea if itll be expensive or jus few meds...
  10. Puppy Help
    My puppy is 5 months old (got him at 8 weeks) and not once has he made it through the night without endless barking. We put him to bed around 10 and he wakes up every night around 3. We take him outside to use the bathroom (we don’t talk to him, pet him, or anything) then put him right back in...
  11. New Additions
    New to this looking at getting a puppy, i am working from home 3 days a week and i will be gone for 8 hours a day for 2. So that means i will be with the dog full time for 5 out of 7 Days. I am looking for a small to medium size dog, that doesnt shed or very little and that enjoys walks and...
  12. Dog News
    Hello doglovers I wanted to ask if any of you have dog stairs and if they are good?
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    For some people, raising dogs is extremely important to hold out a number of the tasks required of them, et al. consider it a hobby in raising dogs. But the matter that those that keep dogs fall under is that the lack of sufficient experience to affect dogs, which causes difficulties with the...
  15. Dog Health
    A person is exposed to health problems as a result of following wrong dietary habits, genetic factors, or advancing age, and maybe the foremost famous of those diseases is a high vital sign, diabetes, and heart attacks, which cause the looks of varied symptoms on an individual like feeling...
  16. New Additions
    I noticed last night that when my dog is standing or walking, the paw pads on his back two paws face forward instead of being flat on the ground and his bails go up kind of. He’s being treated for a fungal nail infection for the past 5 weeks and is still on meds. This is a new issue though. I...
  17. Dog Health
    What mix of breeds could my dog be? I know he is only 8 weeks old, but I want to know if he'll be small when he grows up. The previous owner told us he is a mix between a shih tzu and a maltese but I am not sure.
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    Shop apparels for dog lovers 🐶
  19. Dog Gear and Supplies
    Good morning, I would like to show you my new purchase. Fluffy bed for my Bobby. I really recommend this product. The material is really nice in touch. A filling is soft and fluffy. ;)
  20. Dog Health
    My dog is doing this sounds (in the video) everyday and night and i think it can be serious.. We went to the Vet and he said that it is because my dog salivates and chokes and also my dog's fur is plucked and falls on food and water and irritates his mucous membranes. He said that this is normal...