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  1. Made a video showing my Shiba Inu!

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  2. All about my German Shepherd

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    I have a 2 1/2 year old German Shepherd, she loves snuggling and playing out side as well as messing with her best friend (our cat). Take a look at some of the videos I have of her doing tricks and just acting goofy!
  3. Do you have cute videos of your dog?

    Share them on PUPFLIX | For Pup Lovers :) Daily smiles for dog lovers!
  4. Dog Clothes, Good or Bad?

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    We got our dog Oscar a new vest to keep warm but when we put it on him, he freezes. Anyone know why this is? We caught it on tape, pretty funny!
  5. Miracle on the Alaska Hwy, 10 dogs Saved! Video

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    Mom and pups all abandoned miles from anywhere in Rural Yukon Canada, all found and re-united, ADORABLE video :) Miracle on the Alaska Highway, 10 Dogs Saved - Please Share - YouTube