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dog treat recipes

  1. Make at Home: Frozen Berry Dog Treat Recipe

    The Honest Kitchen
    During the sweltering days of summer, give your dog a treat that’s totally cool. It’s too hot to cook. But your pooch is panting for a cool treat. What’s a pet parent to do? For easy and healthy treats you can pull together in a matter of minutes, try our Frozen Berry Treat recipe. Just mix...
  2. Homemade Dog Treats for Beefy Doggie Cookies

    Dog Food Recipes
    2 6-once jars of beef-and-vegetable baby food 1 cup of wheat germ 2 cups of nonfat dry milk Preheat your oven to 350Ÿ. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl with a fork. Drop by small spoonfuls onto a greased pan. You can flatten slightly or you can cut into fun shapes such as bones, paws, ect...
  3. Yummy Meatballs--High value treats

    Dog Food Recipes
    Since I've been really trying to train Rally with his on-leash Aggression, and the babies in general training, I needed a HIGH quality, High Value treat..So I found this meatball recipe..And its nice, because you can freeze the meatballs and use as needed, or stick them in the fridge, or pinch...