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  1. Whining theough the night

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, I have a year ild huskey boarder collie mix and he is a reall good dog all round. The only isssue is at night. Ive alleays let him sleep in bed with me but occasionally he just starts crying. He has always been outside and fed and has acess to water but he still just whines non stop for...
  2. How do I keep my beagle close to me when I take her outside?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have an older beagle and I have taken her out on a leash for most of her life so far. I've been trying to train her so that she will go outside without the leash. She will not stay close. She will start by wandering away and will keep looking back at me to see if I am still watching her...
  3. Dog stopped eating food

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello guys, I have a 3 years old Bichon Maltese, when I first got her as a puppy she learned so quickly. Every day till now she doesn't eat breakfast except 1 or 2 treats, on lunch I put the food in her plate but she always eat after we finish lunch at the table. As a dinner sometimes she eats...
  4. Dog Training Basics

    Puppy Help
    Are you a dog fanatic? If so, are you dreaming of owning a dog that's well behaved, obedient and protective? Yeah, I know, this sounds to be good but... Do you know there are a lot of people avoid getting dogs because they’re just afraid of behavioral problems? Training a dog on how to behave...
  5. 10 Reasons Why Your Dog Ignores Your Commands

    Dog Training and Behavior
    1) Low Value Treats: Are Your Treats Worth Working For? It’s a romantic and hard to debunk myth that dogs work for us just to please us. In reality, as opportunistic beings, dogs are most likely thinking “what’s in it for me?” according to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). The right...
  6. Make your dog more intelligent than other dogs

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey dog lovers, No matter what your dog’s problem behavior is… Be it jumping, peeing inappropriately, aggression, pulling on the leash…or whatever… There is ONE SOLUTION that can help stop this problem right now. The sad fact is… Most Dog trainers miss this solution entirely. They give you...
  7. Dog Behavior Training Tip

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Dog Behavior training tip Changing behavior takes time. You need to have realistic expectations about changing your dog’s behavior as well as how long it will take to change behaviors that you don’t like. Often behaviors which are “normal” doggie behaviors will take the most time such as...
  8. What to do in response to growling?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    This is my first ever dog and I'm not quite sure what the appropriate response to this is. My wife and my dog and I all like snuggling on the couch together. Our dog is always just laying near us anyway, sometimes she'll lay on our lap or somewhere else on the couch. If we need to readjust or...
  9. Dog aggressive to selected people.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi Everyone, In a current situation and would like to source out some tips or help around what to do. I have a staffy x what we think cattle dog. He is 4 years old. I have had him since he was 1. He gets along with small dogs or dogs his size however anything over this size he seems to get...
  10. 5 Reasons Why Your Dog Ignores Your Commands

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Is your dog giving you deaf ears? When this happens, avoid repeating the command over and over and imposing yourself until you get a response; instead, take a step back and consider the following scenarios which are some of the most common issues encountered when training dogs. 1) Low Value...
  11. Advice for someone interested in becoming a Dog trainer?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have always been interested in Dog training and animal behavior. I really want to go to a school for Dog training, but with my busy work schedule it would have to be an online school. I would love recommendations and advice. Thank you!
  12. Dog Behaviour

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello! I am currently carrying out research at college looking at the link between dog training and behaviour. If anyone is able to kindly spare 3 minutes to fill out my questionnaire and help me out that would be very much appreciated! The link is...
  13. Bad luck with service dog prospects!! Is it me?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    This might be a long post, so I'll just jump right in to it. I can't seem to find the right dog for me. Maybe it's just me.. In less than 2 years I've had 5 different dogs (awful I know). I got them with the goal of training them to become service dogs for myself. My first prospect pup was a...
  14. My dog growls at other dogs, but only when I'm sitting down??

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all, I have an extremely sweet lab/pit mix that's about 2 years old named Luna. She is the sweetest dog and loves other dogs. She is usually one to wine and initiate playtime with other dogs. However, she will sometimes lightly growl at other dogs, but only when I am sitting down and...
  15. New Dog Left Alone for First Time

    Dog Training and Behavior
    First off, thank you to everyone who answered my other posts - the help on these forums in this first week has been crucial. We adopted Bailey a week ago from the shelter - an 8 month old Lab mix. We have a 5 year old at home (Penny) who's a smaller doxy mix. So far the only aggression between...
  16. Our beautiful Piper, Sam and Kizzy

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Piper and Sam have been able been able to spend a few weeks with there new pal Kizzy as she goes though behavioral training! Everyone is having a blast! [/URL][/IMG]
  17. Are you a R+/-P only, balanced, or +P/-R only?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Are you a +R/-P only, balanced, or +P/-R only? Why? or Why not? I'm +R/-P only. I used to be balanced but I have converted to force free training and found I had great results with a lot of dogs I've worked with! My Chihuahua x (Peanut) is fearful. I used to correct him for growling and...
  18. Newly adopted dog with separation/kennel anxiety

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all! I recently adopted a dog (she's a shih-tzu mix, about one year old) from a shelter about a week and a half ago. She was a stray before, and had only been in the shelter about a week before I got her. Unfortunately, I adopted her a week before I moved out of town, and now I'm trying to...
  19. Frustrations & Laments: Dog Training for Owners

    Dog Training and Behavior
    What frustrates or totally pisses you off about the current options available in the dog training industry? I definitely want to learn what to avoid other than the obvious (aversive trainers and dominance theory). Also, want to know some bad experiences you may have had such as...small training...
  20. Do As I Do

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Has anyone heard or even tried the training method of "do as I do"? It seems to be mainly for trick training, but it looks very interesting. I know that clean run has a dvd on it by Claudia Fugazza, but it's $100 (ya, no way). For anyone that hasn't heard of it, the idea seems to be based on the...