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  1. Smart toy for picky dog

    General Dog Discussion
    i rescued a black lab six years ago and although I am with her most of the day, I would like to get her a smart toy She can play with on her own. She doesn't like stuffed animals/squeaky toys and she broke and chewed up a treat dispensing toy. She likes to play catch for awhile but doesn’t like...
  2. What are good toy options for a large and small dog home?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hello everyone! So I have a Miniature Schnauzer, Frankie and a Pit mix, Teagan. They're both around 2 years old and best friends. They are constantly chasing each other around the house and backyard. Unfortunately I haven't been able to keep any good toys around due to my Pit wanting to chew the...
  3. **Dog activity centre feedback needed for my Alevel project**

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    I have created a dog activity and rest centre for my Alevel project in the UK. It has been designed for the Dogs Trust where the dogs are often left without interaction and so are board. This project is to combat this problem in an effort to entertain the dogs in the play area.:) Please could...
  4. Toys For Hyperactive & Destructive Dog

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    I have an EXTREMELY hyperactive, destructive German Shepard/ Lab Mix. I've tried various toys but he destroys them in minutes. I've found a variety of "tough toys online" but was wondering if anyone has had luck with anything specific? I need to keep his mind busy throughout the day... he gets...
  5. Your Favorite Dog Toy?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    There are so many dog toys out their and trying to find a good one is tough. MAny people look for durable, indestructible, squeaky, fluffy. Which one is your favorite. My dog loves the Jolly Ball.
  6. Dog toys that are good and bad

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hi there. I have a 2 year old puppy who chews things when we leave the house. I am intested in what people are giving there dogs when they leave and what chew toys the find approprate.