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  1. Hi From Wyoming!

    I figured I've posted enough around the site to finally do an introduction on myself! Hey there everyone! I'm Reggie. I'm an 18yo girl who's only ever lived in Wyoming. I've loved dogs for as long as I can remember, and I've had a couple that have taught me a lot about dog ownership. Although...
  2. Need advice about show vendor pricing

    Dog Shows
    I have a pet treat business and will soon be doing my first AKC show. Since I'll be adding dried liver to my line as well as liver treats, what package size is popular and what is the average price? I don't want to over (or under) price my treats! Thanks!
  3. Input desired

    Dog Shows
    HI! New to the forum and learning my way around the site. I have a small business baking dog treats (not selling here) and will be a vendor at a local two day dog show in Oct. Last year they had 650 dogs per day. I haven't been at a dog show since I was a youngster. What do you folks like to see...
  4. C3 Canine Healthfest 6/23/12

    Dog News
    A friend of mine with BullyWebTV took some coverage of the C3 Canine Healthfest. I figured some of you might find it interesting. It took place on 6/23/12 in McKinney Texas. It has some pretty cool stuff. It also showcases an up and coming youth dog handler(Audio isn't so good due to noise at...