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  1. Dog Art
    RENAISSANCE PET PORTRAITS Have your beloved dog immortalized in a Renaissance pet portrait! Jesters, Kings, Queens, Beggars, & Knights -- What Renaissance role does your Fido most resemble? Here's how it works: you send me a photo of your dog and then I transform them into a renaissance...
  2. Dog Art
    Wanted to share this cool 1000 Dog Portraits Contest that everyone can join! Just submitted couple of mine Beagle Portraits myself. All fellow artists and dog lovers if you have a drawing of your canine, I hope you will enter it, too. Here is the link Cheers,
  3. Dog Art
    I am so excited to find this forum!! After 8 years of having to type for lawyers full time and doing dog portraits part time, I'm able to be home with Otto doing my dog art fulltime and can spend a little time on the internet chatting with other dog and art lovers!! I'm so excited to see...
1-3 of 3 Results