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  1. Dog Art
    Dear dog lovers! I need your help. My mother is a wonderful artist, especially of animals and I am trying to create a shop for her customized dog portraits on Etsy. I am currently doing a course about it, where they recommend us to talk to our ideal clients. I would love to interview some of...
  2. Dog Art
    Hi and hello everyone! :) I just wanted to introduce myself as I'm new to the community. I'm a fine artist who paints portraits of all kinds of pets and animals from cats and dogs, to birds and horses. If you're interested, just message me or visit my website at for ordering...
  3. Dog Art
    There is NO person who is more loving or loyal than your dog. Capture a moment in time, forever... I will create an original, hand-drawn work of art from a photo of your precious puppy. Watch the "behind the scenes" of how I created this puppy portrait of Reggie: Puppy Portraits in...
  4. Dog Art
    Wanted to share this cool 1000 Dog Portraits Contest that everyone can join! Just submitted couple of mine Beagle Portraits myself. All fellow artists and dog lovers if you have a drawing of your canine, I hope you will enter it, too. Here is the link Cheers,
  5. Dog Art
    OMG, I just got the real one in the mail... Words can't even describe... it's just adorable! I got it for my husband as a Christmas present of our greyhound Lily. He is going to love it! I got it from (even got it on sale!) I'm going do one of our old dog Terry next... and hang...
  6. Dog Art
    Hi - I'm new here too so thought I would also start by introducing myself with a painting. This is a portrait I did of my own black Lab, OtterTail Eponine. She is a real sweetheart! I currently own 5 Labs and a cat. I have owned and loved many Labs over the years and they have all been the...
1-6 of 6 Results