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  1. Dog Art
    Dear dog lovers! I need your help. My mother is a wonderful artist, especially of animals and I am trying to create a shop for her customized dog portraits on Etsy. I am currently doing a course about it, where they recommend us to talk to our ideal clients. I would love to interview some of...
  2. Dog Art
    OMG, I just got the real one in the mail... Words can't even describe... it's just adorable! I got it for my husband as a Christmas present of our greyhound Lily. He is going to love it! I got it from (even got it on sale!) I'm going do one of our old dog Terry next... and hang...
  3. Dog Art
    Here is my latest finished Labrador Retriever painting. This is a portrait of one of my own dogs, now across the bridge. I painted it for my husband's birthday. Brutus, aka Mr. Big, was a bigger than life character, full of himself and quite the comedian. He gave me a hard time in the...
1-3 of 3 Results