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dog not eating

  1. My dog not eating or drinking, bad health

    Dog Health
    Hello guys, I have a gorgeous little pom who is 5 years old and has hardly ever fell sick since I take very good care of him. Feeding him twice a day (cuz that works for him), he has lived a very active life running around the house and cuddling. It is hard to see him in this situation while he...
  2. Best Dog Food for my picky Springer Spaniel

    Dog Food
    I have 2 English Springer Spaniels that are 2 years old. They are brother and sister. I currently feed them everything from Blue Buffalo. A few months ago they were on the Blue Buffalo Wilderness brands in hunting season for the extra protein, so that they would perform well in the field. I...
  3. Husky, well, being a Husky...[Not eating?]

    Dog Health
    Hi there guys! Just as a heads up, Lacey, my mixed breed is fine now since I've taken her off of the EVO. But recently, 2 days ago, I adopted a Siberian Husky from the Animal Welfare Society and he's not eating. Lacey had this problem at first when we moved up here from South Carolina, but I'm...