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  1. What breed is this dog?

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    Hi, folks. A new dog lover here. I was wondering what breed is this dog? Is she German Shepherd?
  2. Greetings fellow dog lovers

    Hey everyone, My name is Bronson from South Africa, and I am the proud of a dachshund called Scampy. :) Being a dog lover, and knowing what a positive impact having a dog can be in your life I decided to join this forum to make friends and read dog stories like my very own. Because of my...
  3. Hi From Canada!

    Hi, My name is EmJay12 and I'm from Canada. I love all animals, but I especially love dogs and hamsters! I don't own a dog, but I own a Syrian hamster. I used to own a Labrador retriever/German Shepherd mix, but we had to rehome her. I've joined to ensure that I choose the right dog next time...