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    here is one of my favorite picture, there is more and not just that, it has different looks on a lot of things you can think of. if you really love dogs and want to see them on all your gadgets and cloths just comment I LOVE DOGS
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    Hi, folks. A new dog lover here. I was wondering what breed is this dog? Is she German Shepherd?
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    Hey everyone, My name is Bronson from South Africa, and I am the proud of a dachshund called Scampy. :) Being a dog lover, and knowing what a positive impact having a dog can be in your life I decided to join this forum to make friends and read dog stories like my very own. Because of my...
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    Hi, My name is EmJay12 and I'm from Canada. I love all animals, but I especially love dogs and hamsters! I don't own a dog, but I own a Syrian hamster. I used to own a Labrador retriever/German Shepherd mix, but we had to rehome her. I've joined to ensure that I choose the right dog next time...